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[Closed] Relapse, but won and operator refusing to pay. Advice/help greatly appreciated.  


Hi, i havent posted on here for a while but long story short i was doing well not gambling and signed up for therapy which sadly due to physical problems i had to leave after 6 weeks.

I was in hospital for months on end (I still am)  and became very depressed and got the urge to gamble again. 

I was already signed up to gamstop, but thought I would try opening accounts anyway, which failed in 99% of cases.

but not ***.

they let me sign up with them and that was that, but i didnt use that account for a while.

I used the account nearly every day for 5 months, made 410 deposits totalling about 30 grand, without once getting a call about affordability or other basic checks.

I once deposited 5 grand in a weekend and still no call to check where my money was coming from (I was jobless and spending benefits and redress from high interest loans i had reclaimed)

Then in April this year i won the big one - *** off a horse accumulator. Money that could change my life. 

As you can probably guess, my account was suspended 'pending review' but interestingly only when I had blown about *** of the winnings and then tried to withdraw about ***.

Once they had completed their internal investigation and I had then escalated it, low and behold they decided not to pay me.

I have a very unique surname which is often autocorrected which is what happened on this occasion when registering...but i sent them my passport which they then stated was verfified, and were happy to take my money for months and months before stating that I had 'circumvented gamstop' (even though I have spoken to gamstop and they said they are just an external independent orgainsation and have no say or influence on bookmakers payounts.

Anyway - I have been advised to take *** to court, and i'm confident of winning. Not least because the phone number I registered on Gamstop was the exact same one I used when registering with ***.

Any help or advice on anything I've mentioned would be great appreciated or stories similar that people have been through.

I'm clean of gambling since this episode. I have realised that the game is rigged. Lose as much as you like and they are happy, win a significant amount and they literally employ people to find out any possible way not to pay out. It's utter bullsh*t, it's not a level playing field 

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Posted : 20th July 2021 3:04 pm


I have only smaller incidents than you to refer to. I have had several incidents where I have won *** wins that have been cancelled because of some internal rule or another. I never won against them and never expected to as they have the government regulators in their pockets and that I have had an experience of, so I know.  Maybe someone else has a story that will help you. I wish you the best to get your money back.

Good luck!



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Thanks for the response @c43h Did you actually take them to court though or go through the mediation channels like IBAS and the gambling commission which are set up for you to lose.

Open court  is definitely the best  way from what I am lead to believe

Posted : 20th July 2021 3:53 pm


No, I never went that far. I let it go and they almost wait for you to do just that. Most lawyers don't dare to go against them because they have big law teams working for them but don't let that stop you.



Posted : 20th July 2021 4:01 pm

Exactly @c43h , they want people to just think oh i cant be arsed with the hassle....but I have absolurtely zero to lose here which is a massive advantage.

i'm jobless, disabled, skint as f**k and on benefits and if i lose i will go bankrupt rather than pay their lawyers fees.

This will at least keep my mind active. I'm not scared of big city lawyers, I dealt with them all the time when I worked  in London for 7 years doing asset management.

*** have broken SO many rules here it's unreal and they can't just decide when they will pay out bets and when they won't it's all or nothing. It's completely unethical.

i have filed proceedings and will happily represent myself if need be (but i think i have a decent solicitor willing to come on board).

I have reems of medical evidence supporting me (ie the medical drugs I was taking at the time and effects and I think  my evidence is overwhelming.



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