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first time post, been gambling about a year. Started off harmless fun, got a bit worse as months go on. Told one person in work, need some advice on how to tell the OH? Don’t know how to approach it with him. Been trying for ages, trying to instigate talks but I just don’t know how to say it? 

Any advice appreciated.

Posted : 14th April 2019 6:10 pm


just be open with them and be honest, I had to open up to my ex girlfriend about my gambling habit, was hard but she appreciated I didn’t lie and I knew I wanted to change, we broke up for a few days and she didn’t want to talk about it but then came around, they won’t understand what we go through but being honest is the best thing and honestly the more you keep it in the worst it’ll get. I’m sure he’ll support you, let me know what you plan on doing. 

Posted : 14th April 2019 6:15 pm

Thank you for the advice. Tbh he’s been a bit of a gambler in the past himself but when I’ve told him I was doing it a while back he was like no no you need to stop your not used to it you don’t know how to do it etc, I said I wasn’t going to do it anymore but have.

i would go as far as to say the problem is with me I just find it hard talking to him and telling him because well I’m just not good at it I never have been a good talker, I just don’t know how to and get all tongue tide! I know he’s going to be annoyed with me and he’ll worry about it then as he is a bit of a worrier. I think also I’m afraid he’ll dismiss it as a “problem” “addiction” and just be like you just need to stop?! Which if it was that easy I would have!! 

If I just knew a way to approach it, start the conversation but without scaring him, I’ve tried a few different angles but not gone through with it! Don’t know why not, he’s not a monster, maybe I’m afraid of the disappointment he’ll have, I just don’t know! 

Posted : 14th April 2019 7:52 pm

Honest a gambler of 35 years or so, I’ve decided enough is enough but my OH knows nothing of it, I know I’m doing the wrong thing , you will know that person better than us and will have a feeling of how they will react.Of course we should be honest, but not everyone is so forgiving.Its purely down to you ok, good luck.

Posted : 16th April 2019 11:41 am
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