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Hi all, joined today, 1st step in gaining control, hopefully, 2nd step is to he honest with my partner and family, not for the support they may give, but so that they know and try to understand why my moods have ben up and down

Posted : 2nd August 2021 1:03 pm

Hi Gold4454, admitting you have a problem is probably the hardest thing to do so well done for making the start to your recovery. Please take your second step and tell your partner before they find out. I just kept on going until the fateful day my wife discovered what I had been doing for years. Not owning up is the main thing I regret about my recovery. Get the blocks in place, register with Gamstop, put a blocker on your phone and get your bank to block any gambling transactions on your card. Hopefully when you explain what is going on you will be surprised at the support you get as even though my wife stumbled on my addiction she has been unbelievable in her support. We both had some counselling through Gamcare, highly recommend, and she came to terms with it by realising it was an illness.

It won't be easy to start with but with help and support you can do this. I am now over a year gamble free and life is so much better than the years i kept it secret and lost an awful lot of money.

Good luck with your recovery, all the best

Posted : 3rd August 2021 5:09 pm

Yup, your better off telling people than not telling people. The secrecy is a big part of the addiction and keeps us in gambling mode.

All the best

Posted : 7th August 2021 1:20 pm
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