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Hi Everyone

Just registered, thought I would share my story as discovered this forum recently. I've gambled since 2015, started as a bit of fun and won around £200 (as we gamblers know in hindsight this was fatal). Gradually gambled more and chased losses more and more up until today. I have to stop today, I've lost 16k in total and I have to come to terms that its gone and not coming back. This post is a line in the sand for me and I will obviously be signing up to gamstop, self excluding online accounts etc.

Football betting has been my thing, all online - never in shops. Literally every day has been a betting day, still believing that somehow I would go on a streak and clear all my losses (or even settle for 50% at this point). Its futile, how stubborn are we to keep going year on year expecting a different result. Mental. Tried everything, not predicting teams to win, religiously sticking to match goals only etc. Nothing works long term, and the losses are bigger and quicker once your discipline and self control is gone which is the case for us compulsive gamblers.

I have to just go cold turkey, I have around 6k of credit card debt which is going to take a considerable amount of time to pay off. No savings now, have to build again. Worse than the money is the time spent, mood swings because of the losses, lack of sleep because of constant betting, loss of focus at work etc. Ridiculous but I only have myself to blame.

Trying to stay positive - I can do it, and who ever may be reading this in a similar position - hopefully this will provide some inspiration that you can too.

best wishes


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Posted : 12th September 2019 12:36 am


your doing the rite thing by stopping you have to take it day by day and stay strong there is only one winner in the long run and it’s not you or me I have only just stopped myself and i just try keep myself busy with my work and get some hobbies it helps and it is getting easier I’m too in dept from gambling and it will slowly get better just stay strong you can do it if you really want too


Posted : 12th September 2019 1:16 pm

Hi Dave.

I hope today all is well and I hope the days and weeks that follow bring you peace of mind. I hope for you that this is a new beginning and one that lasts forever.  

Posted : 12th September 2019 7:11 pm
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