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New here - I need help  


Hello-not sure where to start but I am here as I want to stop gambling! I have a gambling problem with online casinos. I am in circa £25K in debt.. Just writing it down makes me feel physically sick! Payday yesterday and lost £800! I have put blocks on my online accounts! I just about have enough left in my account (overdraft) to cover my outgoings until payday! Feel so fed up! Any advice would be great. Thanks 

Posted : 20th November 2020 10:28 am
Forum admin

Welcome to the Forum Jands,

You are not alone in gambling leaving you feeling physically sick and so fed up so you've taken a great step today by signing up and reaching out for some support. 

It's great that you've put blocks on your online accounts, can I ask whether you did this individually or whether you excluded from all online gambling companies licensed in Great Britain through or on 0800 138 6518? 

In regards to advice one of our Advisers would be delighted to go through options available to help you recover from this,  our support includes free 1 to 1 sessions that you may feel beneficial and advice on free debt advice too which could take off some of the pressure you are under.  

You can contact us on 0808 8020 133 or if it's easier for you via our NetLine

You may also like to visit our Chatroom for some extra peer support at either 1pm or in the evenings at 8pm.

Kind regards


Forum Admin 

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Posted : 20th November 2020 12:32 pm

Hi Jands, welcome, just wondering what blocks you have put in place. You may have covered all avenues but if not, what I did is register with Gamstop for 5 years, put a blocker on my phone, I used Betblocker, again for 5 years, contacted my bank to block gambling transactions on my card and my wife now has full control of our finances.

We all start at day 1 and it's hard but by putting as many blocks in place it will take away the temptation to gamble. Maybe contact Gamcare for some advice, they are amazing and will not judge you.

The main thing is you have posted on here and want to stop. Read other peoples stories to see how we all cope differently with this as there is no right or wrong way forward as long as you are staying gamble free

Good luck, all the best 

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Posted : 20th November 2020 12:35 pm

Hi Jands,

I was in exactly the same place as you. Absolutely fed up and disgusted with myself for constantly repeating the same behaviour. Working hard for my money and then throwing it away. I am new to this site and not sure what I am and am not allowed to recommend but I would love to share how I have finally got myself out of the black hole of gambling. I seeked help and it was the wake up call I needed. I am now a totally different person, got my marriage back on track, rebuilt friendships and finally realised everything I needed was right there already. I just couldn't see it.

I will happily recommend who I saw and the steps we took.


Posted : 20th November 2020 2:08 pm

Thank you any help would be so much help! I haven’t gambled yesterday or today which is a positive I guess! I have worked out a plan and I think I can be debt free in 3 years if I stick to it! I hope I can!

Posted : 21st November 2020 1:33 pm

Hi Jands, 


Welcome to the community, you should be proud that you have blockers in place and have opened up. 

I know too what it's like to not have money left and myself have also been in situations where I've only had an overdraft to make me last the month before payday. 

I second that- It's an haunting and sick feeling knowing how much money  you lose when your mind is in it (in the gambling zone) , I know too from experience. It haunts me sometimes but having blocks, control and support is a lot.  Please dont be hard on yourself, you've made a big step. I had blockers in place apart from gamstop and had a set back last week. I listened and got gamstop for 5 years and it made me feel so much better and weight had been lifted. Can I maybe suggest gamstop, gamban or freezing gambling transactions too? . Not sure if thats the blocks you have. They really do help. 

Reading other peoples progress stories is really helping me and pushing me to become a better person too! That may also help. 

All the best with your journey and keep posting 


Kay 🌼

Posted : 22nd November 2020 12:19 pm

Hi jlands, really good steps blocking access to websites and you've had some excellent advice from other forum users. Only thing I wanted to ask is have you told anyone, partner, family member?

Posted : 22nd November 2020 5:06 pm
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