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Today I finally finished paying off the credit cards, payday loans and doorstep collectors. I'm back to £0.00 and I've never felt so relieved.

To anyone thinking of taking out loans to cover gambling losses, please, please don't do it. I'm 38 and I have had to sacrifice so much because of the stupid decisions I made 10 years ago. 

I thought nothing of taking out a payday loan at over 1000% apr at 3 o'clock in the morning. I did this many, many times and I quickly dug a hole I couldn't get out of. Almost everytime the balance was gone within an hour so not only did I have no winnings but now I also had to find the monthly payments. And that's when the lying started...

This went on for a few years, £2000 credit card, £3000 credit card, cashing cheques before payday, overdrafts, loans. If anyone offered me money, I took it. 

Don't do what I did, its just not worth it. 

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Posted : 16th October 2020 11:00 pm
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