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Last chance saloon  


Good evening members,

After 7 years of having a gambling addiction & huge losses supported by loans & remortgaging twice, I have probably lost around £130k. 

With the endless amounts of times I have deleted the betting APP only to reinstall it the next day. The times I have closed betting accounts & then found another one to open the very next day. 

From starting of with football bets & the last 3 years on Roulette & Blackjack, I have now come to the last chance saloon, no money left, maxed out mortgage & loans. From being so good with money  to turning into a wreckless gambling addict. I have a great family & decent job but risk losing everything to this addiction. 
I have today signed up to GamStop, something that I should have done years ago - I am just hoping it’s enough, 
last year I managed 200 days GF but have been out of control this year losing around 40k. 
I need to quit & I have to quit before I lose everything good in my life. 

Posted : 22nd November 2021 7:13 pm

good evening 


You have come too the right place mate . You have noticed where your going wrong step1 taken now you need too stay away from all gambling sites bookmakers and start enjoying what you do have instead of what you don't.  

Good luck.  You can do it stay strong 💪

Posted : 22nd November 2021 8:02 pm


i can relate to so much of what you have said.  It’s about 12 years for me.  I have also reached a loss amount the feels like last chance saloon. so many times I have also deleted apps then downloaded again, self excluded then opened new sites etc…. Now using Gaban and Gamstop have pretty much stopped online gambling but ironically my addiction found a new outlet in bingo halls and arcades.  I have lost a life changing amount on slots in that time.  I had never played a slot before in my adult life….knew you couldn’t win on them.  I am so ashamed and angry at myself.  So many attempts to stop but then relapse.  I’m with you - last chance saloon now.   Best wishes with your recovery. 


Posted : 4th December 2021 11:46 pm
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