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I've genuinely tried to stop gambling but no matter what I do, my need to try and increase any money I have or to reclaim any money I spend is just too strong. I've been working and losing money week to week, selling my phone, having to borrow money.. I'm exhausted so I'm going to call it quits. I'm just going to go on benefits and live in my room alone. It won't be any different to the life I live now except I won't spend 8 hours a day working and I won't need to leave the house except to go cinema. As long as I'm in debt and as long as I'm so far behind in life I'll never be satisfied working a normal job on a normal wage and making enough to just get by.. I just can't be happy living like that. I can't put into words how hard I actually tried and how me being up to date with bills and paying off loans is extremely difficult for me. I'm just really tired and no matter what I do the result is the same. I'm in debt and I'm unhappy.. so I may as well pick the course of action where I'm in bed and I don't have to pretend to be happy in public and I don't have to see how happy and normal everyone else is or want people that don't even see me. I just want to be put to death, I don't even enjoy the things I used to anymore. I'm just existing.. this has gone beyond gambling and money now tbh and I just wish there was a prison for people who are done with life except you were allowed your phone and to go cinema, that's it. I'm rambling. 

No one needs to actually reply to this just helps marginally to get it out I suppose. maybe caitlyn will win I'm a celeb and ruiz will win in the later rounds against aj or it'll go the distance, maybe I'll win big on the post code lottery or set for life or the lotto.. they're my only hope now to be honest.

Posted : 6th December 2019 1:24 pm

The problem with gambling is it changed your perception of you being broke.  What you feel is you being broke because your gambling you think you need to win to be happy, but In reality you do have enough money.  It's gambling that alters the mind.

You sound very low and I urge you to speak to your GP.  

As for your debt, see if you can get a DRO.  Or speak to money advice service or stepchange. Don't put your head in the sand.

Going on benefits isn't a lifestyle choice.  It can help you but wouldn't you rather work hard and earn money the right way.  After all if it was that easy gamcare wouldn't exist.

Good luck xx 

Posted : 6th December 2019 2:33 pm

i'm on day 6 so not pulling any trees as yet. if u are a male try nofap. helps with depression tremendously and keeps u motivated . pursue your interests . cinema is a good 1. don't get down on yourself. u don't need money to be happy in my opinion. meditate. quiet the mind. be patient. try again. don't give up. be a warrior . wish u peace and strength 

Posted : 6th December 2019 5:15 pm

When you have a brain that is completely garbled with thoughts and ideas that make no sense you need to see that there is no sense in trying to figure it out. None. Why? because you won't figure it out right now.

At this stage, it is better to look at a very difficult problem as simply as possible.

1. Deal with depression. Go and talk to someone. We are flock animals. No one figured it out alone.

2. Money is UNIMPORTANT. It is just the tool for further addiction and no bills debts or accumulation

will solve the merry go round you are in atm. Let it go. Make it important later.

3. When one needs to solve the brain puzzle you need to take it one peal at the time. Break down that problem into bite chunks and address them.

4. When things are spinning out of control. Focus on your breathing. Become mindful of what is happening now

You need to see someone. Look up your closest resource and go and have a chat. If they don't work try and try again.

Gambling addiction is a repeat action of trained in behaviour. You can train yourself to do something else.

It is all about attitude to the problem. Make a choice and you will at some point do something else.

But you have to help yourself. It starts with you.

Good luck!

Posted : 6th December 2019 9:24 pm

Jamoo i have read many of your posts , you come here every few months have a moan because you have lost and want someone to tell you everything is going to be ok

well heres the reality everything ISNT ok ..... you obsess about "being behind in life" well every day you continue in this mindset you fall even further behind 

forget about the gambling for a minute look at your life its a very precious thing and wishing it away is so sad

you strike me as the type of person that wants a quick fix for everything

well for this there is no quick fix its a long hard slog and i know becuse i have done it 

ive spent the last 5 years in an IVA paying off gambling realated debt

its been tough and it will be tough for you

but start by stopping completely 

Posted : 12th December 2019 11:39 am

I havent been on here for a very long time. But I remember your nickname from the time  I joined the forum. I am very sad to see you are still strugling. The words I read from your post remind me of the time I was at very low point. Hopeless . It was so dark. Its just scary to think about it. Renting just a small room. Go to work. Gamble. Drink. I know how it feels. Its been 523 days since I gambled last time. Please dont give up. There must be something you can do ! 

Posted : 15th December 2019 12:55 am

Hi Jamoo.

Your need is for the fix.It gave you a hit and now you are hooked....only the fix is wearing thin and you struggle to feel anything above numb to it all.

You are depressed and jaded with life. Gambling is not increasing your money is it and its making you feel worse. Obviously its not the answer. Its a form of self harm as a result of your anxiety and depression

Youve been on before and is like you see the problem but you wont get a grip on it. The reality seems to be you are just fed up of losing but its not a winners game on those could it be?

Yes life can seem tough but something seems wrong mainly your gambling I suspect. You have to have a living allowance and creditors have to accept what you can afford. If youve borrowed too much its ultimately THEIR you understand?? Its not worth making yourself ill over.

When you focus on what you are going to get out of life, life is worth living.

If you are unhappy there are other paths in life. Tell us more about yourself...youve got to get some satisfaction from life or is it all gloom for you. Even if youve heard a good bit of music or had a pleasant walk its a gift of living.

Is it all about money for you? Is being rich the only answer you seek....what are your plans because gambling is no soft option as you know

You must stop gambling and then you can think about your life. Heh most of us live normal lives just getting by. Nobody is handing us riches on a plate. Yes life can seem unfair when wealth is flaunted but gambling is being sold as a drug or a tax on a dream.

You are confused and you are trying to justify gambling as a reliable chance you will increase your money significantly. Nobody would go to work if that was the case. Gambling is a random  chance with the odds stacked against you. You have never been offered a no brainer bet at odds which suit you

Your life will be better gamble free. Im not going to beg you...its your decision...You need a chat with the doctor and people close. You seriously have to join things to get a new focus in life.

You need to be down at a hospital helping to give gifts out to people less fortunate than yourself. I do understand depression but there is a point where somebody has to help bring you out of yourself

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 17th December 2019 7:02 pm
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