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I need to stop for my family’s sake  


Hi everyone I’m Sam 

I hope your all well

i want to start this off by explaining why I’m here , I’m guessing the same as everybody else I’ve hit a dead end with gambling and my general terribleness of managing money and if  I continue into do so I will lose everything, my partner has put up with it over the years, all the excuses etc I’m when we first met I never mentioned for a while that I had a severe problem prior but I seemed to have curbed it for a couple years, I find I get addicted to things quite easily so instead of gambling I would just play the Xbox a lot which kept me busy but again not healthy recently it came to light that I’d racked up quite a bit of debt due to gambling it started in lockdown I would just watch streams of people playing slots and it made me want to get involved,  I got a bail out from family, then in the next coming months I was back at it again, however I won £xoff of £x I felt on top of the world , but then realised it would be impossible to not tell my mrs that I had won, thus her realising I broke my promise 

mans most recently I have hiding debt from her not paying bills etc, in my head it’s so that we have money left over after bills but I’m making  it worse as it goes up and up 

I’m doing this to try to help myself  and most importantly to help my family I have a one year old daughter and a fiancé I’m marrying in April I don’t want to keep letting them down and I want to be stable and happy 

I’ve never done this online before only at aa meetings but I’m happy to give it a go I just need people I can speak to instead of hiding it all the time and the guilt eating me up 

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Posted : 22nd October 2021 10:59 pm

Think the best thing is mate to talk. Im in that mindset at the moment after trying absolutely everything on my own.  if I'm in a group of some sort a bond between us may stop me going in the bookies. As I'll want to retain my promise to the group and not let anybody else down.  

Posted : 23rd October 2021 12:10 pm

Hi Sam,

I can relate massively to this, I once had won 3 years worth of savings and while I was gambling I thought how am I going to explain to to my dad. I continued and won 6 years worth of savings and withdrew it to then give about it 4 years to savings to my dad. I lied and said it was from trading which is just as bad as gambling or just the same. On top of that I lost the other 2 years savings gambling and eventually most of it was gambled away over a long period. 

light bulb moment came when I kept asking my dad for my money back to gamble basically and he said you have a problem dave and that’s when I went to GA for the first time. I would strongly recommend to keep going rain or shine and put it into you’re routine if you can.

myself I have some what pivoted to using gamcare as a form of help but I know going to meeting would help me a hell of a lot more. I think next week I am going to go to one on Thursday and get a feel for what stage I have progressed in my own personal recovery.

anyways I hope this is of some help and perspective to you’re own story and to keep trying to better yourself and kick this addiction in the nuts but know it will always be with us.

Just for today I will not gamble


Posted : 23rd October 2021 3:32 pm

Hi mate,


your story sounds so similar to me and I’m only at a week again. Need to be strong for my family and be occupied. Give me a message anytime.

Posted : 23rd October 2021 3:58 pm

Thank you for all your messages in a weird twisted way it’s nice to know your not alone with all of this, I haven’t gambled since my original post and I can honestly say I feel better in myself, no secrets to hide being the biggest relief, if anybody at any point needs a chat don’t hesitate to message me, I log in like every 3 days or so, again thankyou all for the messages wel all get there ! 

Posted : 1st November 2021 10:50 am
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