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I cant fight the urge  

Anderson vibes

I have been gambling for as long as I remember and I cannot fight the urge to gamble it is affecting my every day because I feel like I I stuck for years I am not progressing I been gambling everyday for the past week losing and gambling all of my money away I have gam stop in place but I been going into the bookies shop and losing my daily limit 500 every day I don't know what I can do to stop because I feel I still can withdraw from cash machine its a horrible cycle that's been going for too long I have lost over 15000 in the 5 months 

Posted : 1st August 2021 1:32 pm


I’ve been to hell & back with this horrible addiction, my most recent trip to the bookies was the final straw. I’ve snapped all my cards & will use Apple Pay to make any purchases preventing me from withdrawing Cash.  

It’s worth self excluding yourself from all of the establishments you visit . With enough blocks in place it will support with your recovery. Remember without cash you can’t gamble, try taking your mind off gambling by exercising or finding a new hobby that interests you.

One day at a time 

All the best

Posted : 1st August 2021 1:53 pm

If you say you can or can not you are right in both. To be just ridden by your impulse is something I can relate to well. if 90% is your subconscious doing the gambling on automatic and only 10% is your present self well then you will have 10% reliving a nightmare every time you are tapped out. On the other hand, 90% of all addictions are overcome by the addict by pure grit and a bit of hard work. 90% do not need to seek help because they are determined to stop by themselves. A lot of them have been in your situation. They all said that they were hopeless and could not do it yet they did do it and turned it around why? 

They took charge. They took the decision to be the captain of their ship. They realized that they did not have a plan so they drifted and that needed to change. So again. If you say you can or you can not do it. You will be right in both statements but when you decide to remove the stamp on who you are and you decide to remove the hopelessness and self-loathing. Good things will happen.



Posted : 1st August 2021 6:44 pm

Maybe consider getting someone to manage your finances? Someone you trust (and someone you can’t manipulate) who will only give you allowance for what you need. It’s a terrible addiction and most likely you will need some kind of support so you don’t have access to money. There is hope, get up and fight this addiction. List down a plan, come clean to a loved one and ask that person to fully manage your finances. You will beat this if you believe you can. 

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Posted : 1st August 2021 8:28 pm

Good advice from above. All I would add is you need to tell those you are ashamed to tell, admitting it to those close to you is part of being able to recover. YOU CAN DO THIS, even if it takes 100 good attempts.

Posted : 1st August 2021 8:30 pm

I agree. You need to come clean to your loved ones. It’s absolutely essential. Start with one if it’s too overwhelming. But you eventually need to come clean to all these people you consider important in your life. Difficult but necessary. I hope you keep us posted on how you get on.

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Posted : 1st August 2021 10:08 pm
Anderson vibes

Thanks everyone for the advice will take it on board I think I need to better occupy my time and let someone take control of my money 

Posted : 1st August 2021 10:35 pm

Yes but will you do it. Am much the same as what you describe. Do your best to build up practical barriers to gambling. You have said nothing about excluding yourself from the bookmakers. I am now excluded from 60 in my local area as I prepare for my payday. We both know that will power in and off itself is not enough.

Your not alone by the way. Iv'e spent 25 years periodically self-destructing through gambling. We don't have to make it a life sentence.

Regards.. S.a

Posted : 2nd August 2021 11:14 am

Hello anderson vibes.

You need to think through the fact that nobody really fights the urges without the right help and the right state of mind. Are you truly ready because you must tell people you trust and reach out for all the support you can get

Its a drug addiction more than anything. It will take a period of cold turkey and a proper recovery

You need to be monitored by people you would be upset and even scared about letting down. Your money needs to be away from you. Its no good in your pocket. Do you finally understand that?

There is no shame in admitting you need serious help. You will not beat this alone. What you have done so far is nowhere near enough.

You have NO effective blocks and the door is wide open to gamble. Have you told your loved ones because the secret will eat you up.

You are throwing serious money away and the addiction is a mental illness. There is nothing normal about what you are doing and this is no game about a silly flutter. It destroys kills people and you are on the road to self destruction.

Please stop now! make this your rock bottom moment because it only gets far worse

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

Posted : 2nd August 2021 1:27 pm
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