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I am new here  


Hi, I have broke down tonight and told my family I have a gambling addiction. I was absolutely terrified that my husband would leave me and my family would hate me, but what a complete opposite reaction I had. My husband told me he is proud of me and loves me, my mother in law hugged me tight and my Dad came up to my home at midnight to give me a hug and talk to me. I phined the helpline and a weight has been lifted. My trigger is being at home on my own (I currently work from home) my husband works nights and these are when it really kicks in the urge to gamble because I am bored and lonely. I want to stop and believe this is now a way forward to a better gamble free life. I hope your all well 

Posted : 22nd November 2020 12:54 am

I was in your position 3 years ago,but even after all the support, I still relapsed. The best thing I did was join a gambling exclusion site, Gamstop. That was my game changer. Many times I tried to set up new accounts and failed, then felt so relieved later. Now I have moved on to other interests, and have savings in my bank and it’s all a distant past, even with my family. The shame has gone. 
I had tried talking about it, it didn’t take away that urge. I had to physically make it impossible for me to gamble. Took the decision out of my hands. It saved my life. 

Posted : 22nd November 2020 7:27 am

Hi and welcome, this group is very supportive and will help. Can I maybe suggest blockers , freeze gambling transactions. They are a great thing. I'm pretty new here myself and I had a rocky start, I didnt have gamstop on and the urges to gamble was bad, I realised when I finally got gamstop. Was best thing I could do. 


Good luck with your journey and keep posting 

Kay 🌼

Posted : 22nd November 2020 10:17 am

Hi both,

Thank you for ypur replies, I have registered with Gamstop, Gamban and my bank hasput a block on all gambling transactions. Last night was a massive whirlwind and telling all my family was horrendous from my side but they have all been suppirtive. I am now waiting for ths one to obe sessions to contact me and also a few other things to sort. I am completely riddled with guilt and regret. 

Posted : 22nd November 2020 11:44 am
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