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How much do you gamble a day?  



I know this is not some sort of competition but I feel it would help me and may help others to see that their not a lone in how much they gamble away a day and may help me personally face trying to beat this.  I feel sick to the stomach about the money I’ve lost over the years I’ve had really bad blow outs and I am now on Gamstop etc so can’t gamble online but can easy gamble £30 a day in the bookies shop which when you add up over the week/month is an awful lot of money. 


Posted : 3rd August 2020 8:15 pm


I now have Gamban installed on my devices as of today. I would gamble online on three sites roughly £90  day. like you said it soon racks up. 

well done for taking a positive step forward

Posted : 3rd August 2020 8:24 pm

Hi cd1994,

It really is relative and difficult to judge on how much each of us gambled per day. I have had days where I've taken loans and lost £10,000 in a matter of minutes and it's had less of an effect on me than when I've lost £100 on another day. It really depends on your position at the time. Just focus on making sure you dont lose another penny! I've been meaning to do a post because I got my quarterly bonus and I've been struggling massively to hold off. I have every possible block in place but just trying to keep away from it full stop. It's a demon that will haunt you non stop. It doesn't matter if you lose £1 or £1000, it's still something we all need to stop doing. I'm nearly 6 weeks gamble free, on the 26th june I lost nearly £2000 and decided enough was enough. Have a read of my posts if you like mate, but dont compare yourself to others. Your problem is your own and you have to fight it with support from all of us of course. Take care and stay strong! 


Posted : 3rd August 2020 9:37 pm
Forum admin

Hello cd1994 and AB80,

Thanks for sharing your experience with our forum members. 

Please be aware that some of our forum members find that focusing on money can sometimes trigger gambling urges for them, and some members may question whether a thread like this is likely to be the most supportive of a recovery mindset.  Bear in mind that focusing exclusively on the money is generally seen as more typical of a gambling mindset, which is what you are trying to transform into a healthier recovery mindset.  How much money a person spends on gambling may be less important than the overall effect of gambling on a person's quality of life, their mental and emotional states, the quality of their relationships and their sense of living a good life and acting in accordance with their values.  It might be more pertinent to wonder whether gambling is taking you away from yourself and taking you away from your relationships, dominating your mind and reducing the breadth and variety and balance of your life experience,  leaving you feeling less secure and more lost.  Someone else may have spent more money than you have, but that doesn't in itself mean that they have more or less of a gambling problem, everything is relative and ultimately it is not about the money.

Well done for registering with GamStop and installing GamBan.  If you find yourself overspending in high street betting shops you might also like to register with 'MOSES', the Multi-Operator Self-Exclusion Scheme for betting shops

Please call us on 0808 8020 133 if you want more support for your recovery.

Take care,


Posted : 3rd August 2020 9:43 pm


I feel the answer is simply always too much for a compulsive gambler. I would go further and say its too much for any gambler as its an activity which soon hooks people.

Many people are at the stage I was at for decades where they ride the losses as best they can. However it is a progressive addiction and the tragedy is it most often takes a rock bottom moment they can see no way out of before they realise they need serious help.

Such a powerful complex addiction that it takes relationships and homes away as if they were nothing. It leaves a trial of broken homes and families like a Tornado

We could talk about levels of money but its all relative. When you understand that millionaires become hooked, its an addiction that's not really all about the money. Its essentially a drug addiction, a tax on hope and part of the brain submitting to chasing behaviour in a desperate attempt to make things right.

It is a desperate attempt because most gamblers ignore the odds which are heavily against them.  Its pushed at us and we become hooked. Its not all our fault but we have to accept responsibility for a full recovery.

I never had money to throw away but when added up its an eye watering amount. The complex nature of this addiction is if I had watched my pound roll down grid I would have been miffed for hours.

It often hooks people who like to be really careful with money so you can see the sheer power of an addiction which completely twists the mind

Best wishes to everyone on the forum

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Posted : 5th August 2020 1:08 am

Hiya all

As admin said it's not wise to talk about amounts as every amount means something different to us all, I don't know I only know when I chase a lose I would bet anything I can get my hands on. 

Posted : 5th August 2020 8:35 am
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