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Hi, Im trying to stop online gambling.  I started 3 months ago and it has taken a hold of me.  I found myself in a toxic family situation during lockdown.  I felt trapped and resorted to gambling as a release because I felt I was alone.  I have lost my savings and I am unsure how to manage the guilt of this and the understanding that I have lost my way out of the toxic situation I am in. 

I find it hard to cope with what has happened and acknowledge that I have been on a self destructive journey.  I know I will not get back what I have lost tho I find it hard to not try and get it back.

I have been working on improving my self care which I hope enables me to be stronger.

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Posted : 17th September 2020 3:56 pm

A couple of positives for you to try and focus on. The first is you state correctly that you won’t get back what you’ve lost. Now you have to work on believing this as once the penny truly drops you will stop chasing losses and stop putting yourself and your bank account at risk. The second positive is you’re not too far gone here. 3 months is not long in relative turns which means your addiction may not be as hardwired in you as in others here.

stay strong and believe that you can stop yourself from gambling and there is plenty of support here if you feel yourself slipping.

Posted : 17th September 2020 9:59 pm
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