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Good morning people,

Can I please share with you my story. 
I am 38 & have gambled out of control for the last 5 years & lost approx 100k in this time. I have borrowed against my mortgage & taken out massive loans to cover my losses. 
I need help to stop or any comments from fellow gamblers that can relate to this so I feel I am not on my own. 
I started betting on football & have now moved onto casinos which the losses can be scarily huge in such a short space of time. 
Please help before I lose everything!! 

Posted : 18th October 2020 9:19 am

Hi c17ort, well done for accepting that you need help with this. A first very easy step is to block your access to casino sites I use gamstop works very well for me and if you are truly committed to recovery go for the 5 year exclusion option. Some people use gamban and I've seen people talking about betblocker, there are lots of tools you can use. These things are not a cure they are tools to use to give that initial gamble free period , clear your mind . Can you have someone help you with your finances, my husband has full financial control, I know that not everyone can do that someone who can oversee things so you are transparent about spending debts etc. You need help to do this I go to GA and it has really helped me get my head around this addiction and I'm now 4months gamble free after a long history with gambling and I feel better than I have done in years. I hope you find your way with your recovery

Posted : 18th October 2020 10:54 am

Many thanks for your reply. 
Have you lost as much money as I have? 

Posted : 18th October 2020 10:59 am

I really don't know for sure I know on my favourite site it was 40+ but I used dozens of other sites as well. But you know what ,the losses hurt of course they do but compulsive gambling is far bigger than loss of money. Eventually you risk everything, read stories on here people lose relationships, homes, jobs, their SANITY things that you really can't put a price on. Put the money behind you, block access to sites, get help to fix your mind....unless you do these things you will fall back into gambling , it's an illness but one we are lucky in some ways because it is possible to recover

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Posted : 18th October 2020 11:27 am

@c17ort It's a great start coming on here. When did you feel that enough is enough?

Money wise, what you lost compared to others isn't that important and isn't encouraged. Some have lost more, some less and some a lot more than money. What is important is we all have similar stories and can identify with feelings and emotions as well as the act of gambling and not being able to stop.


Posted : 18th October 2020 11:44 am

Hi @c17ort - I lost a similar amount over the last 3 years I think.  The buzz of casinos - roulette.  Amazingly I never considered myself a problem gambler, and didn't even know what I lost until my wife found out and went through all my bank statements and added it up.  That was a sobering thought - but I was so relieved it was out in the open.  Despite the shock and pain she has been amazing!

My one piece of advice would be to confide in a loved one if you can.  I felt so much better not lying anymore, then you can start getting things back on track.  Of course it takes time but the moment you stop digging you really start to se ether difference I promise. 

Good luck and keep posting ok !

Posted : 18th October 2020 8:27 pm

Appreciate your words of advice. 

Many thanks 

Posted : 18th October 2020 9:26 pm

Hi @c17ort

Not lost as much as you but very similar, biggest loss off a very small deposit, 11k off £50! The lot was then lost in less than an hour.

I feel sick, the things I could have bought for my daughter or the money I could have saved for an amazing holiday... But then I remember, there are always people worse off.

I cut up my bank card, closed all my accounts and put a block on my bank account so that I cannot use it on gambling sites. Enough is enough.

Don't bottle up your feelings or hide your problems, off loading always helps.

Once you get back on track you will feel so much better and have a much clearer head.

Good luck!!

Posted : 19th October 2020 2:42 pm
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