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Hello folks  

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Hello Folks,

Hi its Paul my nickname was gambling toad. I've returned to try and recover from gambling. I hope everyone is keeping okay.

I am nearly debt free after all these years and me and Mrs moved into a detached house.

I'm here to help people and give them good advice.


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Posted : 18th September 2020 7:56 pm

Welcome back mate, congrats on the new house.  C u in chat. All the best adam

Posted : 19th September 2020 12:18 am

Thankyou Adam, 

Chat was really helpful tonight. I can't sleep tonight.

I'm going to post frequently on the forum, 

Best regards, 


Posted : 19th September 2020 2:30 am

Hi Toad,

Thanks for joining again to encourage others.

Looking forward to reading your posts, stories and pro trips 🙂

Stay strong and see you around

Posted : 19th September 2020 7:27 am

Good morning amphibians and my two legged friends. Its a sunny morning and hope you are all staying gambling free. Thankyou Scott for your kind message. 

I like to add a bit of humour sometimes as it spices life up a bit and we are living in serious times with this covid and plenty of sad news about. 

Well it's sunny hear by the pond and toad has the bacon on for Mrs Toad so thought I'd add a wee bit to my new diary. 

I was thinking last night. If you make one goal a day that isn't gambling related. So today toad is going to trim his hedge. Yes our hedge is about ten feet high even I couldn't hop over it 🙂

So like when you wake up set a non gambling goal. It could be clean the bathroom or mop the floor. Maybe clean the pond.

I am really happy today because I plan not to gamble. Also I have signed up to gamstop from last year fot 5 years I recommend that.

Also my wife manages all finances bar £200 which is what I get a month.

So thanks for listening and I hope you have a great day.

Life can be good at the pond. 

Toad - ribet

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Posted : 19th September 2020 8:38 am

hi toad, afternoon.  Let's have a successful gamble free day.

Posted : 19th September 2020 2:32 pm

Hello Adam hope you are having a great day.

I trimmed my hedge and then went to the beach with Mrs Toad. We are close to the beach. 

Just having a pint enjoying the sunshine. I have no urges to gamble today. 

Stay safe all. 


Posted : 19th September 2020 3:40 pm

Good afternoon amphibians, 

Another gamble free day. Life is good by the pond on a gamble free day. Please stay on your lily pads and avoid gambling. Life gets better without gambling. 

Kind regards from the pond, 


Posted : 20th September 2020 5:48 pm

Good morning everyone, 

Monday has never been my favourite day. In fact when I was in work it was usually my heaviest day gambling at the bookies. Has anybody else found that?

I am working from home currently and I'm not leaving the house.

Gambling is in my thoughts today but I won't act on the urges. I'm staying safe by the pond today. Let's leap into a new week and hop away from Casinos and predetory Bookmakers. 

Stay safe and I hope you have a happier gamble free day. 

Best Regards, 

Toad - you're lean mean anti-gambling machine. 

Posted : 21st September 2020 7:41 am

Morning Mr Toad,

A blast from the past greets me on my diary!!!

Very happy to read you are debt free and moved into premises with your good lady. I too am now debt free and still abstaining.

Glad too see you back.

Kindest regards


Posted : 21st September 2020 9:22 am

Hello Bal, 

Thankyou very much and I really appreciated all your help in the past too. I nearly feel I know you but we do share this unfortunate thing in common which is gambling. 

Can I just also add something to my diary.  I am not quite debt free but its a few hundred only. I don't also want to come across smug like I'm debt free and everything is great as it is not. 

I still get gambling urges and my past debt and troubles still trouble me somewhat. 

From 2009-2013 I borrowed 60k from 8 different payday loan companies. I had 6 credit cards, two loans and 2 overdrafts. 

Also I lost a small fortune two years ago that I still feel terrible about.

So basically I am still scared because I can end up in debt again if I don't use this forum correctly and take the advice given. 

In the past Toad has been cocky sitting on his lily pad thinking he was better than gambling but yet gambling on a daily basis. That can never happen again. 

I can never control my finances totally as I still don't trust myself. I think constantly about gambling. I think about lotto and virtual racing at sprint Valley or Portman Park. Yes a dream virtual world which I need to escape from and live in the real world.

Toad has climbed a mountain and I can see far across the pond. But from this mountain I can fall a great height and being a Toad I cannot fly. 

So I can't be complacent I am vulnerable but it has been people like Bal and other experienced people on gamcare who have helped me along on this difficult journey. 

Only last night I woke and thought about the past losses I had. I kept telling myself that the past is gone and to look forward. That is what I must do. 

Yes I will look forward from this mountain top where the sun shines and I am at last feeling real happiness even with this damm covid pandemic. 

The only thing I must add is this. Yes I will look forward and not back but I am now 45 and I started gambling at age 27. So Toad has lost time through gambling but I hope if people read this and stop gambling they won't waste time like I have. It is never too late to stop and I can have many more happier years moving forward.

And breathe. So thanks again Bal and I'm so very happy that you are on top of things too.

Best wishes, 

Toad-ribbitt ribbitt

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Posted : 21st September 2020 9:37 am

Hello All, 

NOthing exciting happened by the pond today.  I had gambling urges but I did not enter the bookmakers. 

Today is a good day by the pond. 

I did not gamble. 


Posted : 22nd September 2020 7:24 pm

Hellp All, 

NOthing exciting happening currently but working from home. 

Serious urges to gamble today but I will refrain from gambling today. 

Everyday without a bet is a good day. Toad. 

Posted : 23rd September 2020 4:03 pm

Hello my amphibian friends. 

Toad had some wine tonight and nearly fell off his lily pad. 

Does anyone else check results even though they didn't bet?, well Toad does.

I'm the past I hopped from one vice to another. From gambling to drink to female toads. Yes that's me alright. 

Don't know what way I feel tonight. I do so want to gamble. I can't drive as toads drunk. 

I can't online bet as I'm banned. 

I can't figure this addiction out. I want to stop. 

I need to stay by the pond and be thankful for my being. Its a rainy day by the pond. Burp burp sorry I'm drunk. 

But I didn't gamble today.

Best wishes, 


Posted : 24th September 2020 6:57 pm

Good morning 🐸, 

'Im feeling quite vulnerable today. I have a small amount in savings.

get paid this Monday and I will clear my overdraft.

 I' m nearly there just a small loan to clear by Christmas. I should be delighted but I'm feeling a bit off croak today.

I 'm reflecting on a past loss two years ago. I even went to the online casino website to bring me back. Guess I really want the cash back and the ability to play slots or roulette. BUT!!!

NO!!!  The past is in the past I cannot change my past actions. I was also drunk that day and that didn't help my state of mind.

By being on here I can vent my sadness but if I flip the coin and look at the positives.

1) I am banned from online casinos for 4 more years.

2)my wife manages our finances so I'm working for us not the greedy casinos

3) I'm alive by this beautiful pond with all the wildlife and beautiful scenery this world has to offer

4)we have our health

5) we both have a job

6) i refrain from going to the bookies

7) i feel sad today but I will possibly appreciate the happy times tomorrow

8) i have a roof over our head and food

9)  I have not had the sad feeling of losing money for months now

10) i have my gamcarees on this site my extended family.

Toad leans back in his leather chair takes a deep breath and feels better. I won't think of past losses anymore today. Stay on my lily pad and look at the beauty by the pond what a wonderful place. The fresh air in toads face and the smell of fresh 💐. Flowers

Hold that moment and relax. 


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Posted : 25th September 2020 11:33 am
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