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Just joined. Anyone got any tips to stop urges from gambling? I got a £20 bonus for roulette which I lost, now I want to gamble again. They sucked me in. I have a deposit limit set but didn't want to self exclude because they give bonuses/free bets from time to time. So I thought just putting a deposit limit on and blocking gambling transactions from my bank cards will help but now I feel like gambling 🤔 

I guess this is how they try an suck people in. I put in £44k worth of stakes on last month with a bookie. And then set a deposit limit and now they give me a £20 bonus with the caption 'make your return to the tables', which they've never done before. Predators, bunch of vultures.

Anyway anyone got any tips to stop the urge of gambling. Dont really want to self exclude as I said cos I like doing the free spins they give every now and then and have blocked any deposits via bank blocks. Its just the urges 😒

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Topic starter Posted : 20th January 2022 12:27 pm

Hi, I think the more you gamble the more urges you will have. The deceitful bookies don't give free money away and always get a return on their investments. I'd self exclude personally but it's your choice in the end. One way to deal with urges is to distract yourself with a walk or cycle or go see a person who doesn't gamble, or even a bit of overtime or extra work will provide a financial benefit every time. The bookies will not provide any financial benefit. GA may be helpful or calling gamcare.

Posted : 21st January 2022 12:17 am
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