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Hi everyone back again , firstly I’m waiting for call from a gambling councillor and citizens advice , also the the doctor has referred me to mental health due to my depression and addictive personality. Anyway I’m self employed and I sell sports memorabilia online I’ve done this for maybe 7 years now, during this time I have accumulated a huge social media following of around 20,000 people so you can imagine I find it very easy to make money by selling , hosting raffles and so on. Basically the entire 7 years all my money comes in and out through my personal and business bank account, I have gambled everyday for 7 years and when I sell someone I gamble if I win I treat myself and buy some stock and if I lose I sell or raffle something again with this repeating , I’ve filed my tax returns for 7 years not knowing what I earned due to the gambling transactions on my accounts taking over , I’ve always made sure I paid something but I have no paper filed or Anthony it’s just transaction after transaction via my banks. I would class myself as a sole trader and I got the £9000 bounce back loan which I gambled away , I got hmrc grants which I gambled away while still trading , I was just gambling every day and now I’m suppose to not be trading as the doctor had given me a sick note to get universal credit , but that does not cover my bills so I’m still selling stuff online or trying to gamble to get that big win that I can survive on for a while. Basically my worries are about hmrc for never keeping proof of income and filing returns made up as I had no idea all I was fixated and still am is on gambling , I shake and feel I’ll when I’m unable to access any money to gamble. I don’t want to get in trouble with hmrc , I have other debts I’ve worked up which I’m trying to set payment plans up with. But I don’t have enough money coming in with just universal credit to pay bills pay back my bounce back loan or anything, I live with my mum and dad and only assets I have is my tv , bike , golf

Clubs and sports memorabilia. I just feel the gambling won’t stop while I’m worrying about everything it’s like a heaven to forget about things. Ideally in a world I’d love to know I wouldn’t get in trouble for my tax , and could get help with my gambling and stop and also set up plans to pay debts while earning and recording my business correctly. If just worried sick and it’s making me mentally drained.

Topic starter Posted : 28th November 2021 12:09 pm

The first thing ya gotta do is stop gambling. Cos your never gonna any real clear perspective on your life situation whilst your still at it. Its like any financial plans you put in place, will come to nothing if your still gambling your money away. Life stops getting worse when we stop gambling. It seems to me like you need a bit of time to start healing yourself before you get help to deal with the tax man.

All the best

Posted : 28th November 2021 7:18 pm
Forum admin

Hello Rich88

                        It sounds like you've been having a challenging time recently in your life. Well done for posting on here as it takes a lot of courage to ask for help. Debt can come with stress and anxiety. I am pleased to see that you are reaching out for support with this, with your GP. I would also suggest to seek som debt advice through or your local Citizens Advice Bureau. They can offer you sound guidence around such matters which may help ease your mind.

It may also help you if you were to call our Helpline on 0808 8020133 or use our live chat on our website. We are here 24/7 to help and support you with understanding problems around gambling and to explore any options available to you, to help with this. Please keep posting messages to the forum and reading others experiences. I hope you find the forum a great benefit and joyful place to inspire you.

All the Best Darren

Posted : 28th November 2021 10:16 pm

I think you posted a similar question several months ago and the answer remains the same you need to speak to a qualified tax accountant and quickly

Posted : 30th November 2021 1:59 pm
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