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I've finally taken the plunge to install gameban VPN on my mobile phone after contacting gambleaware.

I have been into football betting for over 20+ years. But the smart phones have made it so much easier to get addicted. XXX being my goto site. It doesn't help I had twitter to follow all these tipsters.

So I've taken off twitter & the betting apps. I must of joined ALL the betting apps and have so many accounts!!

I lost £200 last sunday and then another £240 chasing my losses on the monday. Wow, just think of all the good things I could of done with that money! A flipping holiday for a start.

I've been hiding my gambling from my partner although she knows it goes on, I just deny how much I spend.

Sick of the lies & money loss...... time to change it (although I did go cold turkey on new years day and was drawn in by a carrot dangled (£5) in my eyes around march time....from a XXX e-mail.

wow £5 led to them getting so much more from me.......

First time I've openly admitted to my gambling problem anywhere!!!! hope to read some good tips here. 

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Posted : 26th April 2019 4:49 pm

It's very hard. Well done for posting on here. I bet £500 win on a must win football match last weekend. And guess what the heavy favourites I backed lost!! Gutted, that's on top of the £900 I lost 2 weeks before. 5 days gamble free now. But guess what I just looked at the same side who are playing again this weekend and just considered a big bet to win back my losses. That's why I came on here and seen your post. I think the same of what I could of come with the money I lost. I just need to let it go and abstain. Don't think I can cope if I bet again 



Posted : 26th April 2019 9:15 pm

Thats the trick.

Get the feeling...weigh up the odds...imagine what you;d win.....pop on here and read a few thankful for what you've saved 😉

Posted : 26th April 2019 10:02 pm

Well done for confronting your issues and saying enough is enough. It’s never too late to start.

A few tricks I picked up on my journey of recovery... 

You absolutely have to accept that you are giving up for ever, for good, for life. If you can give up for a period of time and then come back and gamble small affordable amounts in a more controlled manner, well done you are the first CG in history to achieve that. In other words, just forget it, you WILL be drawn back in, rinse and repeat... It really will feel like you are saying goodbye forever to a close friend, hence why you will struggle to accept it that it must be forever. If you are serious though, you are going to need to truly accept that you are never going to gamble again for the rest of your living years. 

Don’t ever look back at what you have lost. What is done is done, there is absolutely nothing you can do about what is in the past. The amount of times I said  ‘One last bet’, just to win at least some of the losses back and then I will give up. The worse thing was of course that most times that happened, I did win back some of those losses. You know the rest of course, that simply fuelled the beast and so the cycle repeats.

One thing I discovered whilst gambling, was that any money I had (rarely) managed to accrue in my account or on my person would burn a hole in my pocket. Just knowing the money was there would constantly be on my mind and would weigh me down. Eventually it would drive me to either quickly spend it on something frivolous or, more often than not, gamble it. I noticed that warped relationship with money changed for the better just a few months into giving up.

Good luck guys. It isn’t easy. I will never be complacent and say that I have cracked it for good. But a year on I will definitely say, the hard work and effort has been 100% worth it, life is so much better now.

Posted : 27th April 2019 8:14 am

I think with the online aspect now you don't feel like your using your money. I lost £400 on a one match last year. It knocked the wind out of me and I stopped (for a few months) would I have walked into a bookmakers and placed £400 on the counter. Not a chance! 

I love football. But as as gambler I'm glad the end of the season is here soon. Temptation will go away till the new season. 

Im currently selling stuff on eBay to make back my losses. It's painful and I feel terrible about it. But it is a consiquence of my actions.

i hope others get relief from the forum. I know I have.

Posted : 28th April 2019 10:52 am

just an update. Seems like a cheat but I started doing the stocks & shares football site (not mentioning the name) I've been investing money (£150) and have made 5%. I just wanted to come on here and confess. I've not lost anything (yet) but I have totally lost the appetite for fixed odds betting now.

Seems to give me the fix I want. I managed to sell stuff on ebay and make back the £400 plus I lost at the beginning of this journey on fixed odds betting.


Posted : 15th May 2019 3:16 pm


Ideal situation is to be completely emotionally detached from all feeling towards Gambling.

That means it is no longer a love passion or obsession.

To no longer have hatred towards Gambling.

That Gambling today has no value in my life.

That for me Gambling is a very unhealthy thing to do.

That today for me Gambling means nothing.

Love and peace to every one

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham

Posted : 15th May 2019 10:53 pm

Mate give it are still gambling no matter what controlled form you think you are doing.

You need the don't sound ready to give it up. Yes or no?

Posted : 16th May 2019 6:28 am
Forum admin

Dear thefilmstar

Well done for posting your journey on our forums and taking the steps you have taken so far to address your problem gambling.  

As some forum members have commented, football stocks and shares is still a form of gambling and it is possible you may be transferring one problem for another.  The mechanisms of this form of gambling provide a similar 'fix', and there will be similar temptations to escalate your spending on uncertain outcomes.  In addition, vulnerable members of our website may be triggered to gamble in this way when you make mention of making money.  

If you need further support to stop gambling completely do feel free to contact an advisor on our free HelpLine 0808 8020 133, or the live chat.  

I am pleased to see that this forum is providing you with valuable support, our forum members are indeed a supportive group and I hope you continue to receive advice and encouragement from them.  

Warm regards


Forum Admin 

Posted : 16th May 2019 11:50 am
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