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First day of recovery after a bad week


Hi, just joined this site after finally admitting I have a gambling problem. I've set a 5 year ban on gambling sites via Gamstop and contacted my bank to put a freeze on any transactions to gambling sites. I've had a pretty bad couple of days gambling and have lost thousands of pounds. Thankfully I'm not in debt, although I have in the past and it took me 4 years to pay this off. I realised gambling is making me really unhappy at a time when I should be enjoying my life. The guilt I feel about the amount of money I have lost is awful, I felt physically sick. So enough is enough and with the right support I'm hoping I can start my recovery.

Topic starter Posted : 20th January 2022 8:12 pm

Hey there Christine I have just recently joined this site too and have all the feelings that you are having at the moment took me years to get to this point  but with this help we will get through this glad you are here this forum has really helped me so far knowing I'm not the only one , take care 

Posted : 20th January 2022 10:42 pm
kris j h

Hi there its good u gotta ban it will stop you from betting online ive also frozen my bank card.. as you say ur lucky as ur not in debt an j think you just got try your best forget about the money you lost recently.. I was exactly the same lost alot of money Friday Saturday Sunday last week but I knew there was no chance of getting it back without putting more large amounts on an I didn't want to lose anymore.. so sunday evening decided enough was enough..think you best just trying forget about what's gone  an continue with positive thoughts that your not goin have to feel sick an guilty again cus from now on things will improve an get better  

Good luck 

Posted : 21st January 2022 1:07 am

Hello everyone! My first day too, well done to you all for taking this first step! I have called gam care who were amazing x I have nothing to say otherwise  I don’t think self exclusions are enough for a gambler (me!- I have done nothing but cry today hearing those word come out of my own mouth)- gamblers will always find a way around it! 

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Posted : 21st January 2022 1:53 am

Hi Everyone, I'm literally 24 hours into coming clean about my gambling problem to my partner and good friend who know about it from previous discussions. I feel good that I have emptied everything out there but still feel horrible about what I've done overall. I have read some threads on here and can relate to 99% of them. I'm 26years old and know  now I need to get the support required and take it from there. My partner is extremely upset about it understandably so as I've lied through out my gambling! And I know that trust is gone for just now or broken. I just want to be able to live normally as I once did.


Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, 



Posted : 21st January 2022 12:22 pm

Hi conner

            Takes time a long time to be honest with you I’m clean 2 and a half years and it’s finally coming back I can tell because I’m not being questioned about every penny all the time , and now when something unexpected financially pops out of the blue , I can turn round and say don’t worry love I can pay that because I do save money now even though I will be paying my gambling debts for probably another 10 years or so I know she’s not thinking I’m the devious deceitful so and so it changed me into anymore. Of course some things will never be truly forgotten but they fade and when she can see the new you (or maybe the old you ) in a year or 2 she will be proud of you again , truth is mate if you were anything like me you are lucky to still have her at all 

as for the pain it causes you then again you will never forget them things but in time it fades somewhat and you can overcome them feelings by being the new and improved you and having respect for the person you are again 

good luck conner

Posted : 23rd January 2022 12:00 am

Christine Kelly Chris moonie ,

 Well done because you are here , as I have said on other threads it’s a long road but it starts with the first step .

gut wrenching painful it is to think about the money , so don’t 

I will be paying for my losses for many years to come , but I have to accept them and don’t give them to much thought

we cannot change the past , we can only affect our futures 

we are wired differently to normal people us compulsive gamblers , we become irrational 

although never forgotten all the pain and bad memories will be replaced with feelings of pride accomplishment and self worth in years to come if you manage to abstain from gambling 

you may fall of the horse , you may have fallen of the horse already , but you have to get back on , if we do not then sadly you let gambling define you for who you are and who your loved ones remember you are 

well done all you are here WELCOME 

Posted : 23rd January 2022 12:33 am

Hi, thank you for your messages of support. It's now day 4 and I'm feeling OK not missing the slots.....yet. I still keep fretting about the money I've lost but as Leweyman said it can be painful to think about so I'm going to focus my energy on other things. Joining gamstop has really helped and I've set the ban for 5 years so hopefully this will give me time to recover. I'll keep reading the threads on this site as it helps knowing there are so many others suffering from this terrible addiction and I'm not alone.

Topic starter Posted : 24th January 2022 10:17 am
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