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Finally owning up to having a problem  


So I've been gambling on and off since I was in my teens and now 33. Last two years have been the worst and last 2 days have brought things too a head with me gambling for 2 days straight with no sleep and gambling 1000 away which was ment for Christmas money for my family and kids. I'm so disgusted with myself and finally know I have a problem. I've put a ap block on my phone now and now booked in to see a councillor but I'm still very much feeling the urge. My family dont know and my partner only knows abit and knows nothing about the last 2 days apart from me not sleeping. I've been fortunate and my mother has given me some money for Christmas to cover everything but she doenst know the reason behind it. I just hope I can stay strong and stay away from gambling. Please give me strength!

Posted : 5th December 2019 2:17 pm

Hey Socks, 

good to meet you in chat earlier today and so glad you are here and taking all of the right steps.  Keep posting and keep popping into chat when you can. It can make a real difference for some x

Posted : 5th December 2019 11:42 pm

Hi, you definately shouldn't gamble since your mum has helped you out. Just make it your goal to get through christmass without gambling. Goodluck and stay strong

Posted : 6th December 2019 7:03 am


It takes a born again moment where a serenity will wash over you because you realise you must tell people close. Openness and honesty are your saviours.

You may not believe this now but the alternative is the worst addiction I know swallowing you up. The secret will eat you up inside. You know what you have done is wrong and the secret wont get you your money back.

Gambling is not the answer. It is a drug addiction and a mental illness. Are you ready for terms like that because there is no shame in admitting that gambling got to you.

Please dont think you can handle this alone. The forum is very good but it only goes so far. My advice is the counselling will come but youve got to build the foundations.

A GA meeting should be experienced. Get in there, pour a brew and build up to telling your story. You will essentially be seeing the past present and future you if you had continued gambling....prison, bankruptcy and stealing somebodys life savings are just some of the station stops on the hell ride downwards

This addiction kills people. Telling your loved ones may seem hard but is it really? If you have anything left gambling will take that from you if you continue . It wants you to keep dirty secrets because thats what it thrives on. It has control of your mind.

I was defrauding my parents Socks. At the time I didnt see it that way. Now I see it clearly. 

Please start taking direct action today. Dont put it off.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 6th December 2019 10:48 am
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