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I am 22 years old and have been gambling since I was 16. I used to ask my older mates to put bets on for me and I would give them the money for it. As soon as I woke up on my 18th birthday all I wanted to do was gamble. I didn’t give a toss about going clubbing or whatever, I just wanted to bet. And it’s all I did.

At my lowest, I managed to lose just short of £15,000 in 7 months. I was betting on anything from virtual horses to south decision U23’s football. Anything I could put money on I would, and I was only 19 by this point. 

I’m 22 now, and live with my missus, who has been as supportive as someone can be when they are let down time and time again by the same old ‘I’m never betting again’ promise. I have just gone from an email saying my cooling-off period on a site has ended, to then gambling again on that same site, to then coming here all in less than 5 minutes. This is my first time putting anything like this out there. It has been getting to the point where I will be sat in the car on the way to work at 6am, messaging my stepdad begging him to put bets on for me. 

My whole family have all been concerned for quite some time now. 

This is the first time I’ve put anything like this online. I’ve been an acholic, drug abuser, smoker, and suicidal. I have managed to stop it all, completely clean from drugs, smoke-free, sober, and alive. But gambling gets my heart racing, and I just can’t seem to find a way to be interested in anything unless I know I can win or lose something on it.

I am not after any advice, as I assure you I have heard it all before. I’m the only person that’s going to be able to stop it. This post wasn’t for advice, it is for any young lads or anyone really that has gone from a quick trip to the bookies before heading down the boozer, to putting weekday match bets on, to staying awake all night hundreds down on the slots. Hopefully hearing about how young you can hit rock bottom makes you open your eyes a bit to how serious this addiction really is. Get help, there’s no shame in it.

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Posted : 23rd January 2021 11:17 pm
 X M

Hi. I've found cooling off periods never work. It's almost as if we wait until it's over and save more money whilst doing so until we can gamble again.

You sound like how I was at that age. All I can say is that if you carry on, your life will be ruined and people will get hurt. That's what happens.

Posted : 24th January 2021 10:08 am

Hi you said you're not after advice so I won't give you any. But I was just wondering what you are doing to help yourself ? Your post came across as very resigned to that's what your life will be, I hope you find a way forward. I've now been gamble free for almost 8 months after 21years of gambling ingrained in me I'm 54 but mentally now I feel much younger my mind is free. Best wishes to you

Posted : 24th January 2021 11:02 am

Mate it happens to the best of us and like you say its nothing to be ashamed or embarrased off. Its a lot more of a common thing than people realise. Im 26 and started gambling from the age of 12. By the time i was 13/14 i had developed a full blown gambling addiction and its all ive ever known if im honest. Ive recently quit myself and today marks 31 days clean. You'll want to quit when the penny finally drops and you're able to make sense off the gambling industry in general. As you said it wasnt for advice i'll not get into it but i would strongly recommend reading Allen Carr easy way to stop gambling. Its opened up my mind and made me see it all in a completely different light. All the best👍🏻

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Posted : 26th January 2021 4:26 am
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