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Depression Anxiety Gambling and me  

Neil A

Some people say that depression and anxiety comes because of the gambling in my case depression and anxiety were already there and one bad depression day I seen an add for so many free spins  if you put 20 in I thought worth a go so I played and in 3 spins I got on to the bonus game excitement took over and mood slightly lifted and then it rolled over was a megaways slot 15 free spins if you won on a spin it would up the multipliier and not use the next free spin till you lost I won 1400 pound and that was the end of me every time the depression  got the better of me ide be back on again and again not even seeing or remembering wins anymore just wanting more ultimately I was making my depression a lot worse my anxiety went through the roof and 16 month into gambling I tried to stop at beginning of Nov 2020 but was failing but on the 20th I installed  game stop and gamban reach out to gamecare and my doctor about my mental health and think with there help of both I can beat this illness and understand my mental heath problems more and rebuild me

Posted : 2nd December 2020 10:01 pm

See it is not the money. It is the action. You release spikes of dopamine in your brain. Get high on that then when that spike goes down you get withdrawals and depressed. It is all baked into a massive media conditioning of your mind so you are supposed to think it is ok to redo your action s again and again and again.

And as you by now feeling quite low about yourself your brain is telling you that gambling is the only place you can feel normal for a while and of you go again. No money in the world will solve that problem because it is only fuel to gamble more. 

It is depressing as hell because you think there may be no options but the option is to change direction. Move out of your comfort zone and start making a life change. Get yourself gambling blockers on your computer and your mobile. Reach out to the admin here. Start talking and take a faith leap into the unknown.

Your future will look different when you take that step.




Posted : 2nd December 2020 10:48 pm


Great reply & sound advice tinged with a hint of sadness. Everything you say reminds of the old Me. So many years wasted. However there is a better future for all of us if we open our minds & are prepared to listen to those that have trodden on the same path & returned.

Neil A please listen & listen good as c43s advice probably is the the biggest win you'll ever have in your life. Not a promise of untold riches, not a promise of solving all your problems, not a rewriting of your previous history, but for sure a route out of the enslavement compulsive gambling creates and an opportunity to take back control of the future. 

Best Wishes



Posted : 2nd December 2020 11:41 pm
Neil A

Thank all for your words of advice and kidness

Posted : 3rd December 2020 8:24 am
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