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Hi everyone,

This is my first time I have written on here. A brief explanation of my gambling addiction. 

I'm 53 and have been gambling most of my life, on fruit machines, casinos, betting shops, Stock Market, Bingo halls, online football etc etc.

Over the years I have lost alot of money, got myself in debt and have suffered anxiety.

I now don't gamble, I have barried myself from casinos, betting shops, bingo halls and have now put a block on online gambling using gamstop.

I still have some debt outstanding and will be totally debt free on 1st October 2021.

My plan is never to gamble again and never be in debt again.

It's been a long journey and I must thank Stepchange charity for getting me out of debt in the next few months.

The best advice I can give anyone is to take one day at a time and just don't gamble.

If you have the urge, don't gamble and do something else, like watch a film or watch television, talk to someone, do some exercise or just meditate.

I hope this helps anyone who is suffering from a gambling addiction. 


Posted : 21st June 2021 8:04 pm
Forum admin

Hello @britaingottalent,


Well done for your abstinence from gambling and for sharing your story on the Forum.

You have surrounded yourself with lots of support that can help to abstain and the practical blocks you have put in place have clearly been very effective. 

You are absolutely right in thinking about focusing your mind on other things and it is so essential to recovery. The element of time and filling the void left by gambling can be fun and highly rewarding and it can enhance your recovery considerably.

Keep sharing, focusing and having fun with your recovery




Forum Admin

Posted : 21st June 2021 9:27 pm

Great post. Well done and it shows it can be done with the right blockers in place. I agree, Stepchange are amazing and really help take the stress out of the debt. I have been with them nearly a year now and have a long way to go but am determined I will get there gamble free. 

All the best

Posted : 21st June 2021 10:01 pm

Thank you for your reply.

Keep up your repayments with Stepchange and regularly review your plan. Also look at your expenses each month and see what other expenses you can cut down on. If you have a cable package, it might be worth changing it to Netflix or free view, cancel your gym membership if you have one and go jogging instead. Change your mobile contact to a sim only if possible. Take sandwiches to work instead of buying them is another way of saving  money. The savings can go towards your debt with Stepchange.

I managed to pay an extra £150 a month towards my debt and this reduced my years with Stepchange. 

It's not an easy journey and I'm almost there, but if you put your mind to it, your journey will come as well.

Good luck




Posted : 22nd June 2021 6:29 am
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