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Completely broken  


I  am writing this post completely and utterly heartbroken. I have known my husband has gambled for around 7 years. He racked up debt on credit cards and even cleared out out young daughters bank account!!

I found out took over our bank and we paid back the credit card and my daughters money on the understanding he didn’t do it again! 
guess what…..! So he has maxed the credit cards out again and has been taking the money out of our daughters account as fast as I’m putting it in. He is a compulsive liar and I can not believe a word he says! 

Then today I found him using private browsing mode and guess what gambling! He will never change he doesn’t want to change he is dragging us down with him and you to now I have only stayed for the kids . He is speaking to someone weekly from gamcare, as am I, because I do not want to tell any family or friends. 
I now know the only option is to split up, even though this is the last thing I want failing at marriage and failing at being a family, but I feel there is no other way. 
even the thought of not living with his children isn’t enough to stop him! 
I am now very worried about out home, if he gets into a situation where he isn’t paying for credit even though it’s in his name and we get bailiffs or anything that is the house me and my children live in. He is extremely selfish he doesn’t care and it kills me that all of this is out of my control. I am completely heartbroken 💔 

Posted : 23rd June 2021 8:46 pm
Forum admin

Hello @victoria88,

Thank you for sharing your story on the forum.

I am sorry to hear what you are going through with your husband’s gambling problem and behaviours. I can imagine this is all really upsetting and exhausting and will put you on edge as to whether this will always resurface.

As I am sure you will come to find, the Forum is a welcoming and supportive space which allows you to talk to others who may also be experiencing similar issues to yourself.

Can I suggest speaking to the Citizens Advice Bureau regarding your house and financial situation to ensure you have adequate support going forward –

Keep posting and sharing




Forum Admin

Posted : 23rd June 2021 10:27 pm

Hello @victoria88,

I'm really sorry to hear your story.  You have definitely come to the right place though and I hope over time you and your husband will get the support you need.

I can understand why you feel broken particularly when he has consistently lied to you about what he has been doing.  I can speak as a Gambling Addict that this is what it does to you and he needs to accept he has a problem and seek help.

I read that you both have reached out to GamCare which is a good start but it sounds like whatever advice he is getting is not working yet. As you will read in these forums GA's find it extremely difficult to stop but with help they do.

Please continue reaching out for support and try to get a referral for additional help.  Its possible that joint sessions may be the way forward as you may be able to help each other plus it could provide you with peace of mind over the financial situation.

I sincerely hope you can work things out.



Posted : 24th June 2021 7:29 am
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