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I have excluded myself from gambling companies via gamstop. Last night I received an email from Coral trying to tempt me back with a big casino bonus. I have gamban on my device because of course I tried to see if I can access their website to claim it. Thankfully gamban is working so I can't access it but why is coral contacting me even with gamstop? Does it take a bit of time before all the companies are contacted? It's been about 48 hours now?

I'm soooooo tempted by that bonus but I also know it will just lead me down a deep hole of despair as I will just keep playing and playing well beyond the bonus. 

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Posted : 6th February 2021 3:48 pm

It can take a small time for all the sites to be updated and those you have accounts with will send you a notification to say the ban is in place and the account closed.

More likely it's another department emailing you. It won't take long, just ride it out.


Posted : 6th February 2021 4:36 pm

Have you thought about taking a bit of forward thinking initiative and just creating a fresh email account and going through the short term bother of updating all your records elsewhere with the new email, including Gamstop. Now you know it’s impossible for any casinos to slip through the net and contact you somewhere down the line. I speak from experience because I’ve done the advice I’ve just given you and I found it really helpful 



Posted : 6th February 2021 5:55 pm

Thanks, yes hopefully they'll catch up soon and I won't get any emails through anymore. I will need to get a new email address if they don't stop. so far it's the only one that has come through, the rest have been notifications of exclusion. I can't help but think that coral have already been notified of my exclusion request and before processing it they're trying to tempt me back. I mean, I wouldn't put it past them to pull a trick like that. Get thee behind me Coral!!! haha sorry. 

Posted : 6th February 2021 6:28 pm

They wouldn't do what you're suggesting, despite what we think about betting companies. The gambling commission would hit them where it hurt if they were doing what you suggest after going through Gamstop.

I get loads of junk gambling mail but non of it comes from the actual companies. It just goes in the junk and I delete it, it's simple, I don't even read it. I treat it the same as the Iraqi gold and fbi emails telling me I've won the Russian lottery! 


Posted : 6th February 2021 9:13 pm

You could try contacting customer services to complain and/or threaten to escalate to the Gambling Commission. If the rest can update in real time there's no excuse for this lot of predators. They need to step up.

Posted : 6th February 2021 9:36 pm


When is a bonus not a bonus?...when its offered by the gambling dens! 

Given time and support your mind will heal. 

Please think about changing your email address. You allowed these sharks a direct link to your home and you must fight this with positive steps of pride

They are not your friends!....far from it. You have seen the results of gambling. In no way can it be considered as an income scheme as you have been ignoring the real odds. You are better than gambling and it actually took your self respect and dignity away from you.

Obviously they didnt want to let you go but its a double whammy because the addiction in your bones doesnt want to let you go easily either. Its a highly addictive drug addiction. In essence a drug has been pushed upon you in the name of entertainment or your ideas about money

You will need to build the strength during recovery. You can never be complacent again. Time is a great healer and you will have better things to do.

You will begin to see the gambling dens as the sad cynical greedy outfits they are. You will begin to see gambling for what it is and that will become crystal clear.

So complain if you have to and take the fight on... be proactive while you do your cold turkey. Talk to people close and make sure the foundations of openness and honesty are solid.

Im telling you that if it wasn't taxed by the government...the whole scam would be illegal tomorrow...same with alcohol and smoking! Thats a fact! 

So you have plenty to learn even about yourself

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 7th February 2021 12:47 am

i get so many emails "free £10 bonus " click on it when you deposit £50 lol yep that sounds free , will only cost me £50 there all robbing fools i can say im so done with gambling but eith only 7 days gf i still know tht devil is there im waiting fir him to come and tell me iv conqoured this disease so just have a little spin and ill see how strong i am then but for now he is asleep 

Posted : 18th April 2021 8:01 pm

Hi Moregames,

Simple rule to follow, if it sounds too good to be true IT IS. Gambling dens give us nout for nout, think about it.



Posted : 18th April 2021 11:01 pm
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