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And I’m back after 4 years..  


In 2015, I joined this site because I felt I had a gambling problem. Had some counselling and decided that actually I was able to stop it on my own. Anyways c*t a long story short, this past year I’ve old habits have died hard and I’m back to gambling regular. 

I’m saving for a mortgage and whilst I haven’t spent all my money I’m finding myself broke like before. The thing is I know that I shouldn’t be doing it and when I find myself bored that’s when it begins. I’m in a happy relationship, I’ve a good job and I did stop gambling for a while. I’ve downloaded bet blocker and wondered if I should just go ahead with it. I was always able to flutter before and now i start chasing my losses. My partner knows that I do it just not as often as I do. 

Ive decided to bring myself back on here because I need a wake up call. My dad gambled all his life and hasn’t got a penny to his name. I don’t want to end up the same way. Yours faithfully. Kaskade1

Posted : 9th July 2019 4:23 pm
Forum admin

Hi kaskade1,

Welcome back to the Forum!

It does take courage to admit that a problem has returned and that you can do with support. You know already what has helped in the past and you have managed to stop before. Maybe this time you are looking to sustain your recovery and I hope that you will find much support here.

Apart from the bet blocker you mentioned, you may wish to look into gamstop ( and gamban ( , too. It is about safeguarding yourself during the times when you feel an impulse to gamble or, as you say, during times when you feel bored and access to gambling is easy.

Maybe you would like to join us in the chatrooms, too.

If you have stopped before, you won't be starting from scratch although it can feel like it. You build on your experience and your knowledge of yourself. I hope you can keep this in mind.

Kind wishes



Posted : 10th July 2019 11:37 am
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