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Addicted to gaming  


My BF is a 29-year-old.   My BF is addicted to gaming.  
We are now LDR. So I can't save him right away.

Recently he has been playing PS4ver black desert online.
Since the release of BDO, the frequency of contact has decreased, and he no longer says he loves me.

He said until a month ago that many things happened and got tired and frustrated. And He just says he is busy. He said his family was ill but he is online games every day. And for about a week he hasn't read my message.

Since I am a gamer myself, I can't completely deny the games. But he is a little abnormal and I want to save him. 

Posted : 18th November 2019 12:10 am

wrong website I'm afraid

Posted : 18th November 2019 6:10 pm
Forum admin

Dear  Whitrabbit

Well done for reaching out for help. We are GamCare a charity that helps people to reduce or stop gambling. There may be element of gambling for some players of on-line games (skins, loot-boxes etc) but it may be more helpful for you to be directed to support by who specialise in on-line gaming.

Best Wishes

Forum Admin

Posted : 18th November 2019 11:14 pm
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