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4 Days in and struggling  


Joined here on Friday after losing all my wages within 2 days and had enough of the same monthly routine i have been in for years - I am from that generation where at 18 i was just in time for the smartphones and just in time for the online sites and apps and that was it hooked no help no advice from parents or adults as this just was not a problem then and neither did i believe it was.. Here i am today anyway in a rut still wasting money and fighting the same demons, 4 days into this and i am struggling to think of anything else other than finding a way to play blackjack anyone have any tips on how to switch off these urges

Posted : 21st October 2019 4:17 pm
Boo radley

It's difficult but I am no sage or Councillor but just to focus elsewhere. Stay calm and fixed on a gamble free day.. Hope you stay in a good place today 

Posted : 22nd October 2019 8:23 am
 HI  aubr3y01
I have read your post , I'm 12 days into my abstinence . and half of my work is around the Licensing industry , in Bars clubs etc,  temptation is rife . but   [ check my initial first post ] I admitted to myself , i had a problem , i have contacted people who are going to provide help , and aim fighting my impulses with anger [ so whenever my alter ego , tries to make me think of having a flutter , stick £20 in the fruit machine in the pub , which nearly happened last night ] my anger kicks in i said to myself " you f**** dare " and  last night i ordered food instead . Take all bar , taxi money out of your pockets , get an apple wallet on your phone . NO cash point card , OK THEY can do cash back but ,not everywhere does that . and keep fighting . it does become easier , i went over a year once . its like drying out ,the first week is the hardest , and the next pay day . REMEMBER DO NOT  carry cash or make access easy to it . and be disgusted with yourself for having any urges aliken it to visiting a local house of ill repute , tbh bookies are  really . 
keep going ......
Posted : 22nd October 2019 1:37 pm

Out of interest, a week are you doing, did you resist?

Posted : 25th October 2019 3:47 pm
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