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The Matrix

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Wed, 15/11/2017 - 08:51



What is luck and what is fate? Are we all living in a matrix where the program (luck and a fate) dictates the terms? I heard a motivational youtube once with Sylvester Stallone saying that if you give life just half a chance it will beat you down and keep you there till you head bleeds and can not get up again. A bit like I feel regarding the " program" we are all in when we gamble.  I supose we are to learn things from giving it all upp to the elements or to fate. Not all of what we do turns out good and let me tell you why. We can not count till infinity but we all try it everytime we gamble. We repeat ourselves like insects do because we have a fast and a slow brain working in our heads. The slow brain that controls all the "every day things" we do is not easily altered once it has learnt something like riding a bike or driving a car. ( An ex, if you look at someone who is mentally ill and that person looks angrily back at you . Your first impressions, if you did not know that person was mentally ill would be, "ok that person is looking angry and it would take you some adjustments in your thought process before you accept the difference in what you had just experienced) So next question is then why can´t we talk our slow brain into changing it´s mind and direction when we gamble? It should be that simple right? Well it is not.  This whole site is a testament to how hard it is to change our ways. This because we repeat ourselves as human beings (You touch your face for ex 200 times a day without knowing it). We simply can´t help it. Secondly we deal with things that are rooted all the way back to our childhoods. Remember your first penny for a lollipop? It could go that far back. Our shame in not handling our economy correctly enables a heavy blame game on ourselves that makes us more angry than most heavy drug addicts when we are in the gambling zone. The high street set up of this exceptionally evil product goes from pawn shops to payday loans to gambling to medicines and shrinks and to taxes for goverments. It is a massive set up with billions in the making and a lots of people benefiting while you have one gambler committing suicide every 40 secs around the world 24/7, all in the name of better entertainment for man kind.

I supose the awnser to getting well is to get so sick of what your doing that you cant bear to do it anymore because you get so disgusted that is simply not worth it. And this post is to tell you that Things are not written in stone. Fate is not your friend. You will be tested. By being aware and being less in autopilot you will be able to refelect more. Knowing more about you is definately a key to recovery. So give yourself twenty five minutes every morning. Without money worries without electronics. Go out with your dog if you have one or just take a walk. Dont think about the money cancer that eats us all. Just be. Clear your mind and your mind will be clear for you.

Best of luck in your recovery!