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Keeping it fresh

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Mon, 05/03/2018 - 22:09



Hi to who ever reads,

I posted in new members back in December after my third big relapse, over a year without a bet seemed good but I had just pushed it aside, then I think il have £5 bet here n win £800+, roll on 3 months too December and I’ve done 3000 or more in deposits.**** I ended up in that downward spiral, lonely depressing place.Fearing losing my wife and newborn daughter it was time to sit back and realise what I want in life and it ain’t this feeling. I immediately cut ties with money, and access to gambling sites via exclusion and software blockers(still need one for iOS if anyone knows). I started the counselling through Aquarius and they are helping me understand compulsive problem gambling. I’m reading a book of amazon called overcoming gambling too written by an addict and every page I can relate too going through. 

Keeping it fresh and getting things in place to prevent a relapse are  definitely at the front of my mind on this journey.


Life’s looking better 91 days bet free and counting......


Posted on:
Sun, 11/03/2018 - 17:49

Forum admin


Hello Holte 1988,

Well done for starting a diary and for all the other efforts you are making for your recovery.

About blocking software for iOS, our forum members have mentioned that Gamblock now offer a version of their software that is supposed to be compatible with iPhones.  Betfilter also offer guidance about using their product with iOS:  GamBan have some positive feedback on the iTunes App Store for their filter:    GamCare don’t recommend a particular product but would encourage members to check that the blocking software they are considering using is compatible with the device they are trying to protect, prior to use. 

Another way to potentially block access to gambling websites could be to use parental controls.  Ordinarily parental controls are used with someone else holding the password for you, so you can't remove the restrictions.  Apple Support webpages include detailed step-by-step diagrammed instructions for installing restrictions (Parental controls) on their products.   If you use an iPhone or iPad you could look at App Store for parental control software.

If you’re not sure about installing parental controls on your smartphone, you could ask your mobile retailer on the high street about which controls are compatible with your model of phone.  You might like to research the manufacturer’s website for product details. Your mobile network and your internet provider could also give you information about parental controls. 

Please feel welcome to continue sharing peer support here on the forum.

Take care,

Forum admin.


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Mon, 25/06/2018 - 22:35







Quick update on my progress. 198 days bet free!!! And knowing i haven’t had a bet feels amazing. In the early times around Cheltenham race week it was a very emotional week, betting was on my mind constant but I got through it.

Having a wife, daughter and business has definitely kept me busy. Gambling is not on my mind every day like it used to be but it’s always with you and I don’t mind now as I know I can look back and see the damage it caused. 

Third time of stopping gambling has really worked this time, with a big help from Aquarius counselling, every session makes you feel like a weight is lifted from yourself.

I say to anyone who is reading this that there is light at the end of the tunnel, it’s a long one but keep on fighting you will become stronger .


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Wed, 27/06/2018 - 10:19

Forum admin


Hi holte1988,

congratulations on 199 days gamble free! It sounds like you have been working really hard on your recovery and have been reaping the benefits. 

So glad to hear that you find the Aquarius counselling really helpful.

Keep going and keep sharing.

All the best,


Forum Admin