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I just want to enjoy gambling

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Mon, 05/03/2018 - 20:26



Just going to use this as exactly what it says on the forum.

First thing, I'm still youngish and have only ruin a small percentage of my life but a percentage I'll never get back. I've always enjoyed the finer things of life and socialising. I've always managed to go out frequently. However it always pains me that in the back of my mind I think I can't really afford this cause I have a gambling addiction. Therefore I am tight and get branded it although I try to joke it off it does get to me cause when i do have money I like to be generous.

Without doubt, horse racing is my biggest downfall. I would bet on everysingle race if I could but for what reason. That is what i can't get my head round. In football, I generally don't bet on lower league as it can be a minefield so why would I do it in lower class horse racing.
I've realised this so many times yet fail to act. In higher classes, I'm superb. The form is easier to read and the bookies have less of grip.

Cheltenham is coming up and I have made fantastic profits over the last 3 festivals so it really is always tempting. But the months that follow are generally my worst due to my feeling of invincibility i somehow get after the festival so its something i want to avoid.

Therefore, my aim is not to have a single bet from now till the end March.

I have other things that I want to cover in my "recovery diary" but I think we will start with a goal before discussing my struggles.

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Fri, 01/06/2018 - 23:37



For me it was never horse racing but slots. I absolutely loved them and looking back now even though I have been in total despair because of them, I can remember nights where I loved it, there was a buzz that nothing else has rivalled for me. But I had to face facts that I could not enjoy playing because I literally could not control it. I would say I sorted myself out in the very nick of time, before my family found out the full extent or I did something stupid. But even now,and especially tonight (why I have come back on here) I have a real sense of guilt for the way I acted back then. I was young when I started and all I can say is be careful because it creeps up on you. I feel that that phase of my life distorted my view of money and damaged my relationship with myself and others that I didn’t realise was happening at the time. Good luck with everything. Keep posting,’it really does help

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Sat, 02/06/2018 - 11:48



Hi Mereman.

I’m fairly similar to you. I know I have niches and markets I can beat. Unfortunately as a compulsive gambler, in 20 years of trying I have been unable to segregate successful smart gambling from the mindless punts because I’m bored. I’ve accepted the fact one comes with the other, which means I have to stop. 

Yes I love the sport, but now I have the opportunity to fill my time and find a new hobby and passion. 

It’s your life at the end of the day, but the clarity of mind, freedom from lying and ability to plan for the future is so worth it.