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How did I get here again

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Fri, 24/11/2017 - 22:19



I have been here before about 5 years ago, got a new job abroad and got out of debt and gambling. Came home 3 years ago gambling started again about a year and a half ago I was bored!  What pathetic excuse to start again, started simple with deposit limits on online slot and just got worse and worse now about 8k in debt and just can't stop. So ashamed 

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Fri, 24/11/2017 - 23:32




Being bored is actually a common reason for getting into this mess. I was the same. Got into gambling 2 years ago simply because I was bored. Lost 3-5 k of my own money (don't even know the exact amount to be honest) but luckily I am not in debt.

Here to tackle my demons and kick this habit before it takes over my life for good.

Just know you are here amongst friends and we will all try and support you through this. Keep active, keep posting :)