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helpless is the word

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Tue, 10/10/2017 - 22:53



I am helpless to gambling, it takes up all my social time, all my social thoughts and all my social money. I am helpless from the moment I step in a pub. I am helpless every time I step in a casino I am helpless every time I'm not blocked from online gambling and helpless every time I allowed to place a bet in the bookies. Every hurdle I put in place to stop me gambling I jump or find a new avenue. Every time has a same result sometimes delayed but inevitable all the same.

I am now in a position again where I have to put drastic measures in place every blocker is already in place I cant gamble online, in bookies or in casinos in uk as I've self excluded, the only thing I can do now is not go in pubs anymore. I'm going to have to frequent pubs with no fruit machines or none at all. I'm not a big drinker however every now and then I like a drink so ill just have to meet new people and go to pubs in townn with no fruities. It has to be done. I know pubs cant stay afloat without fruit machines so they will allways be there but its such a shame. Step one to get thru this week and the weekend. Wish me luck.​

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Tue, 10/10/2017 - 23:15



There is another way my friend,cut off the source, get a savings account without a debit card, you cannot gamble online,give your finances to another to look after, go to the pub with just enough money to fund what you are going for a beverage.
To address addiction you can find as many reasons not to gamble as addiction will give you reasons to gamble.
I lived the cycle for more than twenty years, gambling addiction told me it was my only friend,it wanted everything and more and I willingly gave to it.
The cycle is ever more destructive, it will always take everything.
Break the cycle, do something new, nothing changes if nothing changes.
I will leave you with this
How do you make a compulsive gambler a millionaire??
Start him as a billionaire!!!
We all live by the same mantra.
I cannot win because I cannot stop.
Turn that upside-down.
Every day you abstain you actually win.
My advice enjoy it.
Duncs stepping forward never back.

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Tue, 10/10/2017 - 23:22



We’ve had this conversation that many times I can’t remember. I’m starting to think I’m wasting my breath.  Adam I like you and I have been here beside you for a long time.   You keep talking about blocking this and that but is it not obvious yet that they are useless to you? You’re always going to find another way to gamble. You need more than that you need to completely tear up what life you believe you have and start a fresh. You don’t have to not go to the pub because they have fruit machines you’re already giving yourself an impossible task because you enjoy going to the pub. If you do that not only are you cutting out gambling you’re not doing things you enjoy, like going out with your friends. Life’s to short to hide away you need to face your demons and say No 

You’re not helpless you just don’t accept any of the help that is smacking you in the face. 

You know gambling is pointless a one hundred pound fruit machine isn’t going to make you rich. You’re going to stay in this constant loop of loosing quitting loosing quitting until you say no more.  

I’m available via fb for a chat whenever you need one.

You can do this if you want to 

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Wed, 11/10/2017 - 19:22



Im.just stopping by it sounds are in the right place .it fruit machines are a big problem for you if you are really serious about stopping you can't be in the as one I had it bad for.the don't machines and if I was near one I would be on it .if you want to see friends or.make new friends there's cinemas bowling restraunts you don't need to go to a pub .hope you put the right blocks in place and stay gamble free good luck pal

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Wed, 18/10/2017 - 20:55



So one week later and I'm proud to say I'm improving, no fruit machines this week, really wanted to but stayed strong. Went to pub Monday then last night played football for an hour and a half instead of poker. Also declined two poker games over the weekend. Stayed in and bought some cds and DVDs from pound shop to keep me entertained. Its only difficult for two reasons, one I'm an addict and am used to the buzz and two because the people who I have got used to spending three nights a week with socially all gamble. I'm not going to poker this weekend getting a mate to pick up my trophy. Not playing poker tomo either. Just going to take this day by day cant look too far a head as that seems unachievable at the mo. Read stories in diaries tonight and gambling really changes ur life it really does, I'm a evidence of that. Wish id never put that first pound in the fruity or seen my friend play online round mine all those ten years ago. Good news is I have every block avaible in place and transfer all my money out my account as soon as its there.