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Thu, 08/11/2018 - 18:02



I Have been Gamble free for a Week now..1st 2 days were hard. Now the last 2 days I'm finding it difficult....I just really feel like putting a bet on. Last 2 days I've been on The website just Looking at Gambling odds. I Can't bet on Sky bet no longer I've banned myself for 5 years. Does it get Any easier !! I feel like a Drug Addict looking for a Fix

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Thu, 08/11/2018 - 18:50



Hi there. It does get easier but you have to put a plan in place and really stick to it.

Self-exclusion is a great idea and one I've done myself as have others but you've got to ask yourself in these early days - what would putting a bet on achieve? You've made a start on your recovery journey - do you really want to start all over with the accompanying thoughts (possibly) of self-loathing etc? You may win - who knows but so what? Think about your mental health, relationships, self-worth etc and yes money if you've lost a lot.

A lot of people go to GA meetings and say it helps a lot. There are also other organisations such as SMART Recovery.

There is a helpline and online chat with Gamcare advisors here which helped me a lot when I made the decision to stop. I believe there is face-to-face counselling available also.

There are regular chatrooms on this website where people will know the score believe me. Also a recovery diary can help so you can follow your own progress and vent if you are struggling. There are many other things that can help which I hope other forum users will tell you about.

Like any addiction/compulsive behaviour it's not an easy problem to solve and potentially something we have to be aware of for life but that doesn't mean we CAN'T have a life as many people who use this site can testify.