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Hi GC 


I browsed the site for for a bit today and noticed that every forum topic has stickers at the top of the page. They are repeated in every part of the forum and just wondering if its necessary  to keep them all on. For example  diaries section has so many pinned posts at the top that first real "human experience in addiction" posts are almost at the bottom of the page.  

Let's think what newbies see when they join the forum...of course they read from the top and fair enough  having great advice from Mixer to begin with followed by some forum etiquette and dear Charly's life diary as its really inspiring....however the advert for adviser for gambling commission? Call me old fashion but I truly would not look for a job within  gambling  harm after finding  this site. I guess me, same as many others are looking  for advice and support  others..relate,  talk, express, share.....not exactly  surveys or job opportunities...which has a threshold for CG with considerable  time g free under their belts also mind obvs, applies only to handful of users.


My point is, it could be better "designed" and  show real spirit of GC when people joins....I also would like to make a point that "welcome to GamCare" section has all the revelant  information  relating rules and etiquette newbies needs to know...its just a bit repetitive  across the topics..that's  all.


Now let me go back to my own cave and  mi d my own business  


All the best


S&B x

Posted : 26th April 2021 12:26 pm
Forum admin

Hi @sb28

Thank you for posting on the Forum. I hope you're well. 

Would you mind emailing your thoughts about the Forum and the website? Then we can look into it for you. [email protected]

You're absolutely right in saying that different people have different needs for their own recoveries and we strive to make sure it is a comfortable, safe environment for every single user whether they're new to the Forum or a regular user.  We also have to make sure that any relevant information is visible which is why it may appear on various pages. 


Once again, thank you for your contribution. 

Take care, 


Forum Admin. 

Posted : 26th April 2021 9:59 pm
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