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How can I apply for/gain access to 1:1. My partner of 5 years after hitting rock bottom and us separating is getting help however I just don’t know how to move forward or decided if should just stay away? I love him and can see his commitment to making the relationship work now he’s getting support for the gambling  but I’m not sure if the damage is already done. With a medical career I know it’s an illness and don’t want it to define who he is. But at 24 would I be making the worst mistake staying with him. 

Posted : 30th May 2019 11:40 am
Forum admin

Hello EVR1995

We would be happy to look into providing free 1:1 support for you. The best way to explore this is to contact us on the freephone HelpLine on 0808 8020 133, or chat to us 1:1 on the NetLine.

You can also look up details of your nearest 1:1 treatment providers on our website:

You can contact them direct. They support people affected by someone else's gambling, not just the gamblers themselves.

Best wishes,

Forum Admin

Posted : 4th June 2019 12:01 pm

Its normal to want to help the people you love and care about but you are right to seek a one to one as you need to understand that this addiction is the same as others, its not a switch that gets turned off, this is constant battle to self awareness. I am a compulsive gambler myself, i have had relapses but its a day to day battle. I am in a much better place from when I was at rock bottom and I have the support of my partner which has been a massive help, but at the end of the day my recovery is down to me.

GamAnon have meetings around the country where you would meet others who live with Compulsive gamblers and would also be a good place to start.

Posted : 6th June 2019 10:45 am
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