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Hi everyone, 


my partner has a long term gambling problem prior to the start of our relationship. 
He has recently lapsed but has since gone back to GA after a very long time. 
his family have decided to disown him this time and I feel in a very difficult position. We have a young girl and a baby and I feel a bit of a middle man in the family. I want to support and stand by him. I feel more educated this time to actually help him but sad about what his family have decided. 
I don’t really know what advice I want but just nice to share. 
I have a one to one with gam care soon 


thank you 

Posted : 12th March 2020 11:12 pm
Merry go round

Hi diesel.

i would suggest you learn as much as you can about addiction. His family have had enough. Sometimes to stop enabling an addict you need to distance yourself. You don't know everything that has gone on in the past. I'm still finding out and I've been married 21 years.

separate your finances. Don't pay his debts. Get support and help for yourself. Gamcare will help, maybe a gamanon meeting, they're online Sunday night 8-9. Credit checks. 

You can't stop a gambler from gambling but you can change your behaviour and safeguard yourself.

be on your guard, only believe what you see, not what they say. Addiction feeds on secrets and lies. Partners often believe the problem is the gamblers alone and are reluctant to seek help for themselves. Living with an addict is very difficult and you need help too.

Posted : 13th March 2020 8:38 am
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