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In debt cause of Gambling partner  


I’m literally completely lost on what to do! 

We have three children and the past 3 weeks I’ve been struggling to even feed them! All because we have no money. I’ll put my hands up and admit I’m currently bringing in no income due to having no job for the first time since I was 16! I do have tax credits come in on a Wednesday but before I can even touch it it all goes out on bills. He gets a good wage he gets paid minimum £300 a week. He usually puts £180 in my account every week to pay rent as we pay that weekly but he’s not been doing that neither. 

He forgets I have access to his online banking and so I can see that he’s been spending more money on online betting than even considering his children have no food to eat or may be short in nappies. He doesn’t seem to prioritise them at all. I struggle to pay the rent weekly and now have council tax debt hanging over my head aswell as I haven’t even been able to pay that. 

I honestly don’t know what to do anymore?! Would me and the kids just be better off leaving him and finding something on the council I don’t know how much more I can take 

Posted : 9th July 2019 9:07 am
Forum admin

Dear Stacielee6912,

I am concerned to hear that your partners problem gambling is leaving you struggling to feed your 3 children and buy nappies. I can imagine it is worrying being in council tax debt too. These are such essential things and it cannot carry on like this as you say. You must protect and prioritise yourself and the children regardless of whether your partner feels ready to admit that he has been experiencing problem gambling. You should be able to get a food-bank referral letter from either your GP or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

I would urge you not only to get some peer advice here but to give us a call on the Helpline 0808 8020 133 or Netline for a one-to-one conversation with an advisor to see if there is anything else we can recommend that may help you in this situation. Please draw on any personal and professional support available to you.

Best Wishes

Forum Admin

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Posted : 9th July 2019 11:39 am

Hi. You need to confront your partner and take control of his cards. It will only get worse unless you support him and put a stop to it. 


Good luck!

Posted : 10th July 2019 7:47 pm
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