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I’m to blame now!  

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Yeah definitely you shouldn't be washing & ironing his clothes.

Things here have changed a little in the sense that we are now talking like normal. But in the back of my mind that doesn't mean all is forgiven & forgotten. We haven't discussed the situation and where to go from here. I'm waiting for someone to speak to him re:gambling & his behaviours. His family seem to have taken a step back & don't seem bothered enough to even call me and see how I'm doing. I just don't understand people...honestly if it was my son behaving this way,  I would wipe the floor with him!

My parents have been here all week so yes it's been so hard to put on an act all these days of being civil. 

For now I'm just going to wait & see what happens. It's my son's 2nd birthday in a few weeks so I don't really want us to be fighting then. 

My husband seems to be spending more time with the kids for now but the thing is that always happens after one of these fights..he could just as easily revert back to how he was in a week or so 🤷‍♀️

I hope to God he has the sense to sort himself out but I think it will be hard without professional help.

Life feels like it's going round in circles and we are never going to move forward 😔

How's the homeschooling going?

Posted : 17th September 2021 1:40 pm

Hi, aw I’m glad your talking and managing to get along ok.. it’s him who needs to change and get the help he needs. I really hope he does..and you can start to mend the hurt! 
mine too is been great with the kids at the minute but I honestly think it’s cos he doesn’t have anyone else to interact with in the house! The boys are a bit wary of the effort he’s making with them …which is so wrong cos they shouldn’t ever feel like that about a parent😣  however,couple wise it’s still very much done… he appears to be happy relaxed and still doesn’t give a toss!!! Eating and sleeping and singing ?!? I feel like I’m the one that’s been caught out and in trouble ! Not him. I’ve now told him a date I want him to move out .. but I don’t think he will go…

Ergh homeschooling! It’s going ok but he really does need to be in a school environment with his friends … he’s a good kid and does really well academically but I’m worrying and think what if none of the chosen schools can offer a place?!? 
Yet again I’m stressing and managing these worries on my own because if it were up to him he would of been slung into any old school and made to get on with it poor kid. He never shows any empathy or emotions everything is black n white . 

Posted : 18th September 2021 5:30 pm

Are all the other schools too far or your son doesn't want to go to them because his friends are not there?

I'm stressing that next year (or who knows maybe possibly sooner) I may have the same issue with moving my daughter to another school when we move out and rent somewhere. She doesn't seem to mind the idea though because she seems quite happy at the thought of making new friends. I hope we can stay in the same area we are in but the rent here is quite high compared to other places. We're in a quiet posh area. God knows how the school changing will work because first I'll have to find a flat to rent and only then can I apply for a school nearby.

I guess for now I just need to focus on the present and not dwell on the future. 

My husband's family have decided not to speak to him regarding his gambling & behaviours..honestly I don't know what is wrong with people..if my son were like that, I would be constantly trying to get him to fix his ways and not waste his life. I guess they probably don't believe he will sort himself out or they think it won't make any difference trying to talk to him. I think they have a better chance than I do though as they have known him his whole life whereas I have only been married to him 8 years. I know personally I would be more likely to listen to my parents than my husband.

How's things with you? What did he say when you told him the date you want him to move out? xx

Posted : 19th September 2021 9:38 pm
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