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Friends with a gambler  


Cut a long story short

A person I workerd with befriend me 
Once I moved deprtaments...
mans would garters me for money use guilt trips blackmail anything o get money for over a year came to 6k

finally blocked him on everything he was angry but told me do it then.
when I just couldn’t cope anymore.

I can’t even bear thinking about this what if he takes physicl revange for example if he loses everything.

also what about court it will cost a lot is it worth doing.


I have reported him to police as he kept calling on no caller I’d but now it’s got worse.


He messaged me again through a mate...calling me names say to call as sort it out man to man, and a few threats if I ever contact him again after today, saying you think I’m some

He said it was him.

i was tempted for peace mind as last time to say I don’t hate you etc, I just don’t want to be mates.

ive reported all to police.

Wonder why he’s so desperate  to get in touch with me and so angry and upset  I’m ignoring him


Posted : 23rd February 2021 2:30 pm
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