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So here is my story!! On March 5th my world turned upside down. I received a call from my husband to say goodbye as he had took an overdose. I managed to find him and get hospital. At this point I walked away and left him there i could no longer take the lies of his denial off his addiction. He took the overdose as I had confronted him with all.the evidence I had gathered. I had no contact with him for 4 weeks after that. I left the family home and set up in a new place with our 6 yr old son. He has since admitted it and is going through counselling. He took a lot of money from family and friends. We have been trying to work at things but he still continues to lie in general. Im stronger now not to be manipulated but cant help that if we give it another go he will continue to lie. I have faith that he's not gambling as he's self excluded etc but its just the general day to day lies. Our marriage was over because of lies but he can't see that the small lies he continues to tell are not acceptable


Only this week I have seen his credit file that now shows over 800 written off for his phone bill. I have questioned each month if he has paid this and he said he had.

I love him but I can't see how we move forward.


He has a counselling call each week and he keeps telling me that he's doing well and has no urge to gamble.

I'm just at a loss 

Posted : 12th July 2020 10:48 pm

Hiya Sarah 

So sorry to hear what you have went through due to the actions of your husband. I can't be a hypocrite as I've done the same myself on the 24th of April after being gamble free for over a year I thought I'd use £10 online as I got an email. Well 1hr later I'd lost nearly  £8000 that I didn't even have how the hell could my family get through such a big loss because off me being selfish and irresponsible. Well that night I thought if I do this then my family Will have the money refunded to them it was the only way past it I could see I was just so stupid thinking me taking all these tablets and going to sleep would sort anything out. But I awoke the next day with my daughter asking me if I was drunk oh no she seen the note I won't go in to it but when I got out off hospital 5days later I had all this to deal with plus the thought off leaving my lovely kids without a dad what a d**k I was. So I've had to sign up to all this hep and at the same time try to get my partner back, as you are she was totally disgusted with me and didn't even phone the hospital to see how I was and I don't blame her. Well I've been sleeping down stairs as she made it clear I was only back in the house for the kids. Each days a challenge and sometimes she'll talk to me other times she won't I can't blame her one little bit as I've put her through hell but all I can do know is be honest ingage in treatment and try and sort this mess I've caused out. But I will move heaven and earth to sort it but if my partner doesn't want to be with me I will move out but will always support and be there for my kids and my partner 

Posted : 13th July 2020 8:21 am

Hi Sarah

I am going through a lot with my problem gambler partner so I know your pain. I also left our home recently for my sanity. I will say what your describing seems suspicious especially saying he is not struggling at all.

Could he get a credit report? That will show the true account of loans etc 

I agree all the lies is the worst part as a partner and he needs to be honest with you now 

Posted : 14th July 2020 10:24 pm
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