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Effectiveness of the multi-operator self-exclusion

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Sat, 04/11/2017 - 23:25

Mikey H

Before 2009


I wondered if those that have gone through this process have found it successful or found problems with the system that they have options or solutions to overcome.

For avoidance of doubt, I mean this site:

I suppose my fear is that it will prove ineffectual - appreciating that it still for me to own my own recovery - and I may be better served to find the nerve to manually self-exclude from establishments on my own so they see my face at least.  The only downside being that if I F up and find myself drawn to a last bookies punt whilst I'm in there.

Thanks and hope you are all doing well in your own recovery.


Posted on:
Sun, 05/11/2017 - 16:35



Hello Mikey,

I have been using this service now for 6 months and I think it's great. They send all the forms out to the bookmakers you self exclude from meaning you dont have to go to each one and spend money getting loads of passport photos (assuming there are several companies).

I strongly recommend you do it and I'll explain the best things to do before you ring.

1. Grab a pen and paper and write down all the bookmakers in the areas you live, work, relatives live, places you could drive too in 30 minutes or so. I have over 30 bookmakers on my scheme to make sure I am covered properly. Type in the company name and town into google and this will give you the full address. Write down the street and postcode. This person on the phone does have a map they can locate the bookmaker your on about but this will help them locate it easier, making the phone call quicker and giving you peace of mind you got the right one.
2. Make sure you do have a photo you can email/post to them as they will ask for this.
3. You will be sent a copy of all the bookmakers you self excluded from and when they expire.
4. Sit back and relax

Tips to do whilst in the scheme.
1. The reason the scheme works well for me is because I dont try enter the shops. The reason I dont enter the shops is because I would feel really embarrassed if a memeber of staff recognised me and asked me to leave. I also used to work for a bookmaker years ago so I know it's not fair as the staff member could get in trouble.
2. Order a new debit card, say you have lost it to your bank and then give the new card straight to your partner or someone you can trust. This will mean you have no way of going online to gamble or if you do manage to breach in a shop you cant do much damage without a card.
3. Keep alert during your self exclusion, new bookmakers open all the time or you may go somewhere a 30 minute drive away and find one you didn't know about. This happened to me and all you do is simply ring up and ask to add additonal premises.

I hope you do go ahead with it Mikey as it really helps. I feel so much better in myself and I'm appreciating my hard earned money better. £20 used to be nothing into a machine but now £20 is dinner out with my girlfriend or a decent time at the pub.
One last thing mate if you do go into the shop and "F up and find myself drawn to a last bookies punt" and it wins you won't self exclude. When I finally decided to self exclude I lost £500, if I won I would not of been upset enough to finally get it done.

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Sun, 05/11/2017 - 16:47



Same here it works for me I'm 5 months in mine and you can renew it there bringing a online one aswell in new year

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Thu, 23/11/2017 - 19:10

Mikey H

Before 2009

TY for the feedback embracingthestruggle, sat through the call to sort it today and it definitely made it easier and quicker having taken your advice to pre-prepare for the call.

Hopefully in ten days time that all helps the cause.

I like how there is an option to make them aware of any breaches - regardless of this insidious illness, I know my brain will always do the right thing if I ever happen to weak and walk in somewhere that doesn't notice me and allows me to gamble.

Very helpeful service and hopefully any of you that have a problem with bookmaker-based gambling can bring yourself to sign up.