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Should Gambling be Illegal?  

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Posted by: adam123

Gambling is one of the oldest past times's going no where .....  If I could ban it I would ban ciggerettes, alcohol, gambling and would make drugs innaccessable to the public too.  But think how large our population growth would be without them.  Maybe that's one reason government sets out to allow them? A growing population.

It's people's choice as to what they do. You can't compare cigarettes to gambling because they are totally different things. 

A) Smoking can cause damage but not in everyone and for the majority it does cause damage in, it will take a long time. No damage to families 9apart from passive smoking but with sense, someone will go outside away from family to smoke). 

B) Same with alcohol, it doesn't damage everyone but the people it does damage could take a long time. (it does take a lot to become a full blown alcoholic)

C) Drugs, I cant particularly comment, who knows. 

D) Gambling. It can bring down a happy and secure family with 10 years total trust in each other within days. It can turn the most honourable and honest of men/women into thieves and compulsive liars in no time at all. People can lose absolutely everything to such a point that they then take up A)B) or C) because of this. 

Sure, booze can be loosely linked to then advancing to drugs but if you look at the facts, the biggest gateway to drinking or drugs problems is gambling. Nothing else makes you feel that you actually can't live anymore and therefore nothing else turns people more into decisions they wouldn't do than gambling. 

Posted : 22nd September 2021 11:34 pm

I am of the opinion that it should be very highly regulated but not illegal. I wouldn't want to criminalise someone for putting a bet on their football team, if that is all they are doing. I do think that their should be very strict limits on how much you can bet in order to get across the message that you can't change your life through gambling.

I think that gaming machines of all kinds are just cruel and designed to addict. I think their is an argument here to ban all gaming and slot machines. They do not add any value to society or social cohesion in my opinion. The current reductions in stake and warnings on the machines made no material difference to my addiction. Forcing someone to wait for a few seconds and read a message on the screen does not deter me from carrying on gambling once am in my gambling bubble.

Another point. How does anybody really know the true extent of problem gambling?? Its a highly secret addiction... isn't it??? So, for example if I am new to gambling and one day I blow all my money gambling, how do I magically become part of the statistics of problem gambling?? answer... I don't... I probably keep it too myself untill am forced through circumstance to do something about it. Don't belief all this nonsense pedalled by the powers that be, that only a tiny proportion of people who gamble have a problem.

In conclusion I think there is an argument for making gambling so heavily restricted that people learn just not to bother with it at all.

Posted : 25th September 2021 2:33 pm

There are countless people right now that blow a significant amount of money every month and dont consider they have a problem. They are not even on the figures. That was me for the best part of forty years. An addict stood in an arcade or pub wasting my life. Only with hindsight does it become clearer. Clinically depressed, a chip shop or travelling fair started me early. Im still working out the power that machines had over makes no sense other than an addictive drug because there is no way I could say it was a money making activity

Gambling does need to be compared with other mainstream addictions because there are strong parallels. Gambling acts like a drug addiction because adrenaline, dopamine and seratonin are addictive drugs. They are the drugs of life from feelings of love to you name it.

Despite the ban on smoking advertising , 80% of people in my workplace smoke...mainly the youngsters so a lot of use the current regulations are.

Lets not beat about the bush....I think we all know that the government are not really interested in banning the sale of cigarettes or it would already have been done. With respect I've got news for a previous poster...smoking harms everyone that tries it. Our lungs are not designed to inhale smoke and proven carcinogens.

Whether a smoker cares is up to them as its a legal activity.  However its a legal activity because they must feel the tax revenue outweighs the health spend...well I dont know but they love the tax revenue. The fact that its highly addictive just makes it far worse. I read that 78000 people die every year of smoking related illnesses.

I enjoy the occasional drink but I am fully aware that its a toxin and a drug. So Im taking that risk and probably burying my head in the sand about what its really doing to me. Its certainly not a health elixir which gives the liver a cleansing job and nulls a few brain cells.

People can try and call me an old fuddy duddy and spoilsport but you have to look at the facts. Yes I know humans have been seeking escape experiences since the beginning but it doesnt make it right or wholesome does it

The problem is attractive drugs throw risk assessment out of the window and the same goes for gambling.

So Im saying gambling has to be taken seriously as a major scandal/problem, It needs a health warning and serious regulation right now.

The main issue is the tax revenue. I dont expect the dens or gambling commision to police it effectively

Best wishes to everyone on the forum




Posted : 26th September 2021 7:52 pm
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