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Need advice regarding bookmakers  


Can anyone give me some advice if theres any course of action I can take against a bookmakers  I joined their online site less than a year ago and didn't get asked for any identification and since joining I've stupidly deposited over XXX  and had withdrawn less than X pounds back, I had a specific  cash card for withdrawing any winnings instantly, maximum amount anyone can withdraw though is £250 per day, but I've recently heard that they  should have asked me for some form off identification with the amount I was depositing as they would have demanded it if I tried to transfer any winnings back to my bank account and for some unknown reason after I questioned their customer service about the win/loss ratio I have had my account suspended for 6 months with a responsibility playing term being the reason for this, now I actually dont have any identification like a passport or driving licence, so on the crazy chance I would of won any significant amount I in reality would have still lost,
Is there anything I can do about this, surely they have breached some type of rule in my case,
Many thanks in advance and I hope anyone reading this is taking care in regard to the coronavirus

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Posted : 19th April 2020 1:34 am


There's no legislation yet that says they have to ask for I.d, just as they don't always ask for I.d to withdraw, although that may well be in their small print you agree to when you open an account. You will have I.d in some format as presumably you have a bank account and a national insurance number, unless you've used someone else's details.

Unless the money you used is stolen, so you've stolen it or someone has stolen yours, it's highly unlikely that they will give you the money back, as potentially they are using the responsible playing card to temporarily close access to your account.

Even if you go down the route of saying they should have done more quicker, I know through experience that they can nearly always spin it so that you weren't showing signs of problem gambling.

I think you have to put this down as a lost session. Don't try to chase it though, it will only make things worse, like it always does.

If you want to stop gambling then maybe use this opportunity to do so with the various blocks and tools available.


Posted : 19th April 2020 12:18 pm


There is no course of action. You can complain to askgamblers etc but the fact is that they (the casinos) call the shots and you need to play by their rules or simply go away. There are governing bodies but they are both incompetent and useless in protecting your rights as a gambler. I remember many years ago I was playing on a sister site of a big brand name where I had self-excluded. By chance, their customer support found out and I was kicked out. When I wanted my deposits back ( I thought that was fair at the time as they had goofed up and not me) I tried to go by the governing body dealing with complaints in Malta. It took 3 months for them to answer and they managed to turn my very simple story around to something I could not even fabricate if I wanted to and cautioned me  (Yes you heard it right cautioned) that I could not expect any help from them as I was an addict and it was on my own risk to play on in Maltas jurisdiction from that time on. I told them to shove that mail up where the sun does not shine but the lesson here is this. You are on your own. No one at all will help you and you have no rights except the ones they give you.

All the best


Posted : 19th April 2020 12:32 pm

you are wasting your time , forget about the losses concentrate on recovery 

Posted : 19th April 2020 7:50 pm

Hi, something similar happened to me a while ago. I just kept going on and on via phone, email and web chat till one day I went on web chat to find the assistant said that the relevant refunds were made back to my PayPal account. I don’t fully understand your situation but it sounds similar. If you feel like you have been treat unfairly then go for it. 

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Posted : 19th April 2020 10:12 pm

Thanks Chris, I appreciate the advice and think your probably right mate, 

Posted : 20th April 2020 1:27 am

Any chance I could get more information about your situation please 

Posted : 20th April 2020 1:30 am

I will give you some advice regarding bookmakers.

Dont go into them or sign up for their sites! Its not an income scheme!!

The addiction is totally delusional. Its a drug addiction which completely alters the mind until we talk psycho babble or gamblers banter. Ive been there and I was extremely ill. I heard gamblers including me planning sessions against a random number generator...its complete nonsense and extremely dangerous as you should be well aware.

The most dangerous thing about this addiction is how gambling addicts dont know how ill they are. Its easier for people to point at alcoholics or heroin addicts. Gambling is the least understood of these addictions

When you are ready to see the light its the people who are tougher on you that you will thank. What you do is face an addiction and get help.

What you are doing is trying to pass symptomatic blame for another session gone wrong. The gambling dens are no angels...Thay have hooked you on the drug of gambling and that is the fundamental problem.

Leave it be and walk away with support to do so. You dont need it in your life. It will totally destroy you if you continue.

Best wishes from everyone on the forum

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Posted : 21st April 2020 7:04 am
Posted by: Givemethebuzz

you are wasting your time , forget about the losses concentrate on recovery 

I totally agree with this comment. It's the best decision.

Posted : 1st September 2020 9:40 am
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