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Forum mods. Seems no other place to put this so here it is. I did email but haven't received a reply. 

I had a reply I posted yesterday edited, and the main part of what I had posted was taken out for not being factual. It was to do with a story that is said in the GA rooms, and emphasised four places where a CG can end up, one of them being GA. It is said inside of GA rooms to highlight the addiction as well as the hope that one finds when finding themselves within a GA room. It is a GA story but has merit and is powerful when told in full.

I understand it's not factual, there are plenty of places that a CG can end up, and a Gamcare forum is one of them as well as therapy centres, chat sites, psychologists and psychiatrists, treatment centres or just doing it on their own with blocks and "will power".

I liked to think that the people reading the posts here understand when a story is said for effect, and that they don't need their hand holding while on this site because the illness is a thousand times worse(not factual, said for effect) than a few words.

Any advice I give is through my own experience and if you edit me you edit my struggle and my recovery and I will not be edited. This isn't a good illness, it kills people, it ruins families, it turns decent people into thiefs and liars. It takes everything given a chance and sometimes some harsh words or real life truths or just for effect stories need to be told in the hope that they might save someone's life.

Take this down, leave it up, I don't care, but if I am edited again for talking about the addiction I will take it personally and I will leave. I'm here to help others, not myself. I get my help in GA meetings and talking to people in recovery. This site is satisfying when addicts start getting better.

If my help or advice on this forum isn't good enough in its unfiltered form then neither am I. 


Posted : 12th January 2021 7:44 pm

Hi Chris,

Well said & totally agree with your point.


Posted : 12th January 2021 8:16 pm

Hi chris, I will always be grateful for your interest and input into my recovery. When I first came here I was broken and lost didn't know where to turn. I put my trust in the advice I was given especially from people like yourself who have walked in my shoes. I was right to trust advice given ,life is better I'm better and I now believe I know how to stay better. Thank you

Posted : 12th January 2021 8:34 pm

Hi Chris 

Like Charlieboy I have also really benefited from your 'tell it like it is advice'. While perhaps not for everyone (what is), it was exactly what I needed at the start of my recovery. I'm now 163 days GF but those first few weeks were pivotal for me in setting my new direction.

I've seen you get more and more frustrated through some of your more recent posts and it would be an absolute travesty if you left the site and weren't there to help others like you helped me.

Hopefully some common sense can prevail.


Posted : 12th January 2021 8:59 pm

Hi Chris

I'm surprised any of your posts have been edited.

Your advice is always measured, accurate and all the more compelling coming from someone who's 'been there'.

I didn't see the post but have zero doubt it's a poor call on the part of the mods.

Posted : 12th January 2021 9:28 pm
Forum admin

Dear @Chris-Uk,

I am sorry that you felt that us editing your response was in some way belittling your experience.


We do understand that you have a lot of experience and valuable insights to offer other Forum members. We do also understand that your intention was to offer support, and to be frank and honest about the dangers of gambling addiction. However we do also have to consider the impact of comments on Forum members who are currently vulnerable and struggling to overcome their addiction. We have a duty to keep the Forum a safe supportive place and, while we completely agree that it is important to be realistic about the dangers of gambling, we also need to be mindful of comments that may be triggering and potentially even harmful to others who may feel hopeless and helpless.


It is also important to ensure that our Forum members are aware of all support options available to them. GA is helpful for many people including yourself. However it won’t be right for everyone and we would not want Forum members to feel that if GA doesn’t work for them then their only other option is failure.

Please be reminded that if you have a problem with moderation decisions to email Forum admin and also that it might take us up to 24 hours to get back to you.

All the best,


Forum Admin


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Posted : 12th January 2021 10:30 pm


You have committed the ultimate sin. Guilty of being honest & brutal of describing this addiction for what it is. In my experience you have given bad advice to no-one, but simply described in graphic detail how ugly gambling addiction is. I personally hope you choose to stay with us. Gamcares loss is GAs gain.


Posted : 13th January 2021 11:28 pm
Lou x

It was good advice slow, but the 4 routes wernt the only options as the moderator has said

Lou x

Posted : 14th January 2021 9:10 pm
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