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Gambling in wales  


Hey everyone there is quite a good article on the wales section on the BBC news website about problem gambling in wales, my mum said she caught the end of it on the Welsh news. Gamcare and GA both mentioned in the article and there is more to the article than the disappointing piece on the 'one show' a few months ago. Any movement towards starting to address problem gambling is a positive step I didn't realise that in wales we currently have 0 specialist gambling addiction clinics. I did wonder why I had my counselling from an absolutely lovely lady in Bristol but at that time I felt too ill and distressed to even ask, I was just very grateful for someone to talk to. I remain hopeful that we will start to see a move in the right direction, the pictures they use in the piece are questionable but I'm presuming that they are to attract attention

Posted : 28th October 2020 10:00 am
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