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Hi all. Hope your all well and keeping safe. 


unfortunately this isn’t a nice story to tell. Three years ago I joined Football Index as the way they  promote the website was that we are not like traditional book makers and your bet is never over. Long story short I’ve ended up putting in over 60k in 3 years and only until last year the company started asking if my gambling is in control and asking where my income was coming from. 

I’ve now ended up losing 15k and it’s eatting me my inside every day. If anyone else was on football index or knows of something please seek help too. 

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Posted : 14th March 2021 11:07 am

Hi im not sure what football index is at all but have you got any blocks or help ?

Also sorry to here about the debt i know how that feels ive been there..however theres hope..i used stepchange debt charity they set up a debt management plan and offered lots of free advice. Its painful at first the debt..but stepchange helped make me see a way out of it 

Lou x 

Posted : 14th March 2021 9:18 pm

Hi SM8,

Gambling is gambling, it really doesn't matter what shape or size it comes in my friend,

What you have to accept that winning and losing money in any form is mental poison to you. If you win, the high is usually short-lived, and then you become desperate to have more of those feelings you had when you won, which almost always leads to losing, then spending money you don't have. If you lose, you face flesh-crawling desperation to get your money back but at least you might stop at some point, so effectively, winning is far more dangerous than losing. Try and fear it, change your way or thinking.

You have lost a lot of money but, if you stop now, it will be a bargain compared to the amount of money you will lose if you carry on. Look at the losses as a positive thing, tell yourself that, although it is a lot of money, the amount stopped you ever gambling again. Change your way of thinking as I said my friend

Posted : 15th March 2021 11:37 pm

whats football index and what is stepchange 

Posted : 18th April 2021 2:55 pm
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