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Coronavirus and gambling  


With this global epidemic and so many people out of work and no idea when the next pay check will come in. This is going to be a tough if not roughest periods in our lives as recovering addicts as well as people still gambling. I think gambling sites and bookies shud all be shut down during this period to help prevent people making things harder than it already is. This epidemic is going to challenge a lot of people and their mental health not just us gamblers. I hope people stay safe and sensible and us resources like this site and help lines if they are struggling with issues. 

Posted : 21st March 2020 11:35 am

Hi Lindsay

I think you are right, it is going to be a tough time for many. The good news is that along with pubs, restaurants and nightclubs, they have also closed bookies, casinos and bingo halls so at least that should help some people over this time. For the rest I really hope they have online blocks and then it may mean some people refrain from gambling longer then they usually would.


Posted : 21st March 2020 2:37 pm

Well as has been said, one positive of this terrible virus is the closure of bookmakers, casino's etc.

Combined with gamstop it can really help to stop people gambling.

This has real potential to kickstart recovery for the likes of me and many others am sure.

I say to folks sign up to Gamstop today and your compulsive gambling is effectively over.

Posted : 21st March 2020 8:54 pm

Yes, I did hear one of the bookmakers complaining that their revenues would be down due to the cancellation of so many sporting events. Guess there are some small silver linings to coronavirus. 

I would be absolutely delighted if the online casinos suddenly developed a conscious and stopped all gambling opportunities during the current crisis but I imagine they will be sat there smirking, thinking about all the extra people with extra time on their hands at home. Don't let them exploit the situation - if you are not signed up to Gamstop, do it now, please.     

Posted : 23rd March 2020 2:10 pm

Yes very strange and worrying times indeed. I dont really want to go down the silver lining route but any closure of the gambling dens should be time to think about it. I long for the day when it gets heavily regulated on the road to being banned

When we think about illness its time to realise that gambling addiction is a split mind disorder which acts like a parasite or a virus. I would argue it gets people early and any gambler is an addict in the making. I reckon I was addicted almost immediately. I would not be scared of the term mental illness because thats what it is

The addiction wants to take over your body completely and that is hard for people to come to terms with.

Desire and urges seem like the wrong words. Its like my body just needed it to exist and we are still learning about auto suggestion and the power of the brain

I hope you are all well and this is a time to reflect on what is important in life and what life is all about really

Best wishes to you all

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Posted : 23rd March 2020 4:01 pm

The closing of the bookies combined with my Gamstop ban has totally stopped any chance of me gambling, awful that this is it will help those who want it immediately.


Posted : 2nd April 2020 1:22 pm
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