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biggest wage in britain  


so i read a story not long ago about the biggest annual wage ever in britain which was nearly half a billion and guess who it was the owner of b****5 what does this tell you about britain ? britain needs help gambling needs to be more controlled somebody needs to do something and fast , and if not anything else guys make this help you defeat this disease when you think of all your nights despair and this women is living it up in the bahamas with are hard earned cash whilst we cried ourself to sleep keep this in mind guys dont give them a penny more !!!!!

Posted : 19th April 2021 6:41 pm

the advert for l*******s is disgusting it comes on loads diff ppl sayin how did u know ? n all tht jazz in my opinion it makes it look asif its problem gamblers realising when they had a problem and then it comes up "however you found your horse we have got a bet for you" sickos , did any one else think the same when they saw it ? 

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Posted : 19th April 2021 7:59 pm

Couldn't agree with you more, well said Stace, they prey on the vulnerable, I'm currently 105 days gf and don't have urges too often only when I see the adds on TV making it look life gambling is the cool thing to do when really it can destroy lives.

Posted : 19th April 2021 9:18 pm

I agree I hardly think of gambling now only when these advertisements come on and show gambling as fun t*****a and g*** b**** are the worst for me as they are during tv shows i like ... makes me so angry ! 

Posted : 19th April 2021 9:50 pm

Yes I would advise anybody to get real about what these bosses of the gambling dens are earning. Get miffed because the reality is staring you in the face. It will help focus your recovery. In time you will all be crystal clear about gambling and will have a cool head in seeking change

If they are earning that you can imagine what the government are raking in on a billions of pounds gambling sector. The government love it because its a huge tax earner.

I will not use words like industry. Its a monumental scam in my considered opinion. I will give you a fact. If the government were not raking in a huge tax percentage it would all be illegal tomorrow. You are not protected from gambling temptation because its not in their interests to protect you.

I have been an acceptable casualty and the problems we see on this forum are the tip of the iceberg

Every advert is beyond a joke. I dont know how they get the words and images past the ASA.....well I do know because regulation is practically non existant and they all eat from the same trough.

I long for the day when we calmly reject what they are peddling and these dens go out of business....I live in hope and do what I can to help people.

Best wishes to everyone on the forum

This post was modified 3 weeks ago by Joydivider
Posted : 20th April 2021 4:31 am

Good post but she's been raking it in for a while now and she has given charities like this one  Guess?? 0.  The local pottery in the village she lives in is getting more.

I think people's attitudes are slowly changing. Because all that money is coming from the... people. But are we not naive to think that these super-rich will want to fix us in any way? Where are they going to get their super salaries from if they do? Now put this into context with the economical collapse in the nineties where banks went crazy over who was going to make the most? The gambling STUNTS they pulled to make more people to "gamble more".

You may see a bigger swing n what these super-rich are going to allow themselves to do because "Yes you guessed it" They are just addicted to your money as you are to the machines you gamble on. This, therefore, becomes a bad circle and you are noticing it in forex the football row you are seeing right now.

This is just the beginning........


Posted : 20th April 2021 6:05 am

it has been common knowledge for years , the papers often do an article on it each year 

you see the online tables these bookmakers have run 24 hours a day 7 days a week you could log in at 4am on a any given morning and there will be loads of people playing 

it can't and won't be stopped gambling is deep routed in British society you get a very small idea of the problems on this forum but the truth is the vast majority of gambling addicts never even make it here let alone the casuals who will blow a few hundred each weekend but don't class themselves as having issues 

its a god forsaken world and one that is very difficult to escape but dont expect any help from this corrupt British government

the industry is entirely self regulated ...... take a look at the football index scandal to see what happens when an industry is self regulated 






Posted : 20th April 2021 9:33 am
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