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Anyone else felt the same?  


I’ve been gambling free now for 38 days after to many long years of gambling, this is the longest I’ve stopped for and I really feel like this is my time to change my life.

I’ve passed my first payday without gambling which in the lead up to payday that was my biggest worry, payday will come around and I’ll fall back into that gambling trap so I’m full of hope this is the end. 

The bit that really seems to have changed  is my personality towards my girlfriend. I’ve been with her now for about 2 years she knew I gambled but she has no clue about how bad it’s been for the last 4/5 years. I feel like I’ve become really snappy about everything even the tiniest little thing and I want to spend less time with her which was never the case before I stopped gambling when I gambled I couldn’t wait to be with her now I’m not really to fussed. 

I’ve lay awake over the last few nights feeling more powerful than I ever have before I don’t know if this is all because of power to overcome this addiction.

Has anyone else felt similar? 

Posted : 14th November 2019 9:48 pm

I'm on day 62  but early days I felt very snappy no patience with anyone  was sharp with everyone for no reason felt a bit lonely and like I had lost my best friend  full of grief for no reason didn't no we're I belonged but also felt proud of my self  it got a lot easier then on day 50 gf felt like for a couple of days really had the urge to gamble but I didn't now I'm on day 62 feel better than ever keep going it's normal I felt the same 

Posted : 14th November 2019 10:43 pm

Well am on day 27. Its my payday. Am waiting for my money to go in. If it goes in soon I can get the bus to work. If it doesn't go in untill 6 a.m or something then am walking 5 miles to work whatever the weather. This is the reality of addiction.

I use to go for long periods gamble free. Longest stretch was more than a thousand days but for the last 3 and a half years I haven't gone a single pay day without messing up within a week of being paid. Sad but true. Tonight I cannot sleep because I am worried about money. I will have to function at work on next to no sleep. I don't think about this when am chasing a feature on some slot game do I ? Just for today....

Posted : 15th November 2019 3:00 am


Yes the feeling of control will increase as your mind heals. Its a NICE Feeling!

Its the serenity to realise they were offering you nothing and you can walk on by calmly. They were offering you nothing but an addiction which suits them.  I can see it clearly now for what it is.....Scandalous actually!

The focus is a pure the world opens up again with new eyes. Its a relief to be getting over it but also a complete realisation that its all on your terms now with no room for complacency.

You will realise there was something inside that was vunerable to it. You will learn about the addiction so you can see how it gets in

You were already a winner in so many ways. You have your health and money in your pocket. The answers are within you.

I still feel that most problem gamblers were seeking escape like any drug. Nobody can honestly say that it was any real form of entertainment or income scheme.

Best wishes


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Posted : 16th November 2019 8:28 pm

Hi Joydivider, 

Very slow to reply here I haven’t been on as of late haven’t felt the need to. 

But what you have said makes total sense I have regained so much, energy, desire and self belief. 

Now when I have the time to reflect back I can totally see that it was just an escape from reality, my gambling become so bad after my little boy arrived in the world it was my way of escaping how challenging life had become.  

Posted : 29th November 2019 7:43 pm

Good to hear, however don’t ever think you have this in the bag, it will try and get you one day, it got me again, I feel vulnerable tonight even after a chilled day with my wife.





all dangers, always will be.

Posted : 1st December 2019 9:23 pm

Gambling is a drug that they package up as a bit of light entertainment or harmless fun.

Its FAR from that as we all know here. How it remains legal is not beyond me. I know full well how it remains legal. Its simply a cash cow for the gambling dens and the authorities that are supposed to protect us from it.

Its the acceptable face of addiction even though its ruining countless lives...the problem is going exponential so when will it ever blow big time. Just the new members here are a small fraction of the real problem. I see many people who are clearly addicts and are nowhere near admitting they even have a problem.

Its the addiction that is brushed under the carpet. Its the addiction thats easiest to blame on the "punter". Its the addiction that doesnt really get much sympathy.

Generally gamblers are just seen as greedy reckless people that deserve whats coming to them. The problem is actually a drug addiction and the gambling dens do their best to get people hooked fast. Its so deregulated that they are clearly succeeding.

Its needs heavily regulating if not banning. What they get away with on machines is crazy when you think about it. Machines that promote a false sense of activity on 1 in 10 odds upwards to win a tiny amount.

You get fleeced on 1 in 10 but people incuding me had it in their heads that the machines were a soft option with rewards

The rtp is in effect meaningless as its based on 100,000 spins or even more....yet its put about as some sort of defence...Ive seen gamblers including me look it up on the info screen as if its some sort of info that will keep me content for that session.

If you promote chase activity on machines...guess what...thats what people will do until they are simply lab rats pushing the red button for a reward

The other thing is they promote how random it is.. random does not mean a  bonus in our favour.....the lottery is random and you could play for a thousand lifetimes and see nothing

Its all about understanding the long odds and not the flashing lights.

Start a proper recovery. Best wishes to everyone on the forum

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Posted : 15th December 2019 4:47 pm
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